Ariana Grande Fans Reckon There’s A Massive Clue In The ‘Thank U, Next’ Teaser

Ariana Grande, big-time magazine editor, is gearing up to drop one of the most fetch music videos of all time and honestly, bring it on. What, like it’s hard?

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As you will have noticed from her social media over the past week, Grande is opting for a noughties film theme for her next vid including a re-enactment of scenes from iconic flicks such as Mean Girls, Bring It On, Legally Blonde and Suddenly 30.

Your girl’s going all out on this one by recreating loads of moments and looks, heck she’s even summoned members from the OG Mean Girls cast including the IRL Aaron Samuels and the army pants and flip flops chick.

Have a geeze at the freshly released trailer below:

Fans have noticed a sneaky little hint in the music video that could be a clue to Grande’s next move.

While most of her captions (not to mention the Grande-stylised Burn Book) are a nod to her latest shade-filled single ‘Thank U, Next’, the top that she wears as Mean Girls queen bee Regina George seemingly references a new song that she’s been banging on about on Twitter called ‘Needy’.

The singer recently teased us with a sneaky sample of the song by dropping a video where she can be heard singing a few lyrics:

Now, take a look at the top she wears as evil’s human form in a photo interestingly captioned with, “way too damn needy.”

So why is Ari so insistent on teasing this new song, particularly in a music video for what’s supposed to be her ~current~ single?

My guess? Either the song ‘Needy’ is gonna be a huge freaking deal and she wants to get a buzz going OR the noughties-themed music video that she’s about to unleash on the world is gonna be an epic event, possibly featuring both tracks.

I did think it was gonna be difficult for her to cram all these movie references into a 3:37 song.

Is an even shadier single on the way, sooner than we think? Stay tuned, fam.