Amy Shark Nabbed Travis Barker For Her Second Blink-182 Collab & The Result Absolutely Slaps

Gold Coast indie angel Amy Shark has just dropped her latest track “C’mon” live on Triple J, featuring none other than Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

The result, which she’s been sitting on for quite a while now, is a powerful pop ballad with a fair bit of heft to it.

“The night that I wrote it, I was feeling kind of emo I guess,” she told the radio station via Zoom.

“It just came out so easily, and it felt like a kind of ballad song to me.”

Shark said it was a lowkey struggle to keep her own voice during the song writing process instead of just fangirling and imitating the Blink-182 style, as most of us would have.

“Because when you are a diehard Blink fan, like I am, it’s really it’s hard to pull back the distortion and everything, and make sure I’m still Amy Shark and I’m not, you know, just in awe of having a Blink member on my song,” she said.

It’s actually Shark’s second collab with a member of the band, two years on from her 2018 track “Psycho” with Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus.

She explained that it was after dropping this first track that Travis Barker actually slid into her DMs with an offer to collab next time she was in LA.

“I just had that in my back pocket. You know, I was like, ‘I need to use Travis one day’,” she added.

“Travis was so accommodating and really did his homework on my sound.”

For everyone who missed the chance to tune in this arvo, the video clip for the track is due to drop tomorrow on YouTube.

But for the time being, we were treated to a sneaky peaky on Amy Shark’s Insta. Peep below.

Shark went on to describe the track as a kind of open letter to her mates and loved ones, with the title “C’mon” being a cry for the love and support she needs to achieve her full potential.

“I just felt like I was leaning on something even when I said it,” she said.

“It just felt so right to me.”

A couple of days after the song’s proper release, Shark is also set to perform live at the NRL Grand Final.

That means we’ll all be watching Amy Shark this weekend, one way or another.