It’s Friday, So Treat Yourself To Amy Shark & Thelma Plum Covering ‘Valerie’

If you have a song named after you, there’s a good chance you’ve fucked up, or have fucked someone else up. Jolene, Rosanna, Mrs. Robinson, Rhiannon, even Sweet Caroline – basically every time a songwriter deigns to put another name on their work, there’s a solid reason why. That’s just facts.

[jwplayer uRlMbYTh]

The same goes for Valerie, as popularised by Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse in 2006. The song was originally penned by The Zutons about makeup artist Valerie Star, whose romance with frontman David McCabe fizzled when a string of driving offences led to her nearly being locked up. 

With that in mind, it was always going to be a task for Thelma Plum, Amy Shark, and The Teskey Brothers to make good on the tune. Still, the gang made good on Wednesday’s ep of The Set, successfully imbuing the tune with fresh energy.

You can catch the cover below, or you can get your ears around the full episode on ABC iView.