Travis Barker Reckons Blink-182 Are Releasing A New Album Next Year

Bloody Thursdays; they’re just not Fridays. AMIRITE? But then news like this rolls out and you’re like, alright Thursday, nice work, you’re okay mate.

Today, that news is this: there is a new Blink-182 album coming out next year. Yep!
Someone asked Travis Barker what 2016 held for him, on this Instagram photo:
And he responded with this delightful, wonderful, excellent confirmation:
Obviously there’s no word as of yet about whether Tom DeLonge will be a part of this, but we’re guessing… probably not?
But then again, DeLonge did say this to Billboard in September:
“I’m totally willing and interested in playing with those guys again. I love those guys and I love the band and, yeah, in the future let’s play together and figure it out or whatever. We just need time apart because we all want different things at this time.”
AND SO, we live on in desperate hope that our early teenage memories of skolling gross UDLs in a paddock at 1am while ‘What’s My Age Again’ distantly pummels the summer air, will live once again.
Source: Instagram.
Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty.