Adele’s New Album Is Reportedly Coming In 2019 So Tear Ducts, Assemble

Adele New Album 2019 25 21 19

Singer and tugger of our heartstrings Adele, not satisfied with pummelling our emotions with her first three albums, has reportedly started work on her fourth record.

UK publication The Sun claims that the 30-year-old has begun the process of writing the album, with a “music insider” telling them: “She’s back in the UK and intends to write here. A number of studio musicians have been approached to work with her and she’s already penned some of the songs.”

The outlet says the that the album will be released in time for Christmas 2019.

Christmas is usually a happy time for me, but I guess next year it’s going to be a time of looking back at my past failed relationships while bellowing the lyrics to Adele songs and weeping into my ham. Cathartic.

The album will be Adele’s first since 2015’s wildly successful 25, which sold approximately 700 billion copies worldwide.

While we already know it will be full of tracks that hit us squarely in the feels, what we don’t know yet is will she stick with tradition – 19, 21, 25 – and call the new one 30 after the age she was while writing it? Put your bets on now.