Look, technically this is a chance for you guys to win a $250 Uber Eats voucher by telling us a savings tip, but deep down I truly just want to read a bunch of savings tips.

My budgeting skills are about as good as a kick to the shin.

Yeah, not great.

But the good news for you money-minded people out there is that thereĀ isĀ a $250 Uber Eats voucher up for grabs, and you can nab it by filling out a super speedy form below.

Once you’ve done that, just sit back and start fantasising about all of the cuisines you’ll undoubtedly eat in a dark room, staring at the wall and pining for the days when you were young enough to be called ‘teen’ in the news if something ever happened to you.

Seriously though, how is it possible if that I was in the news now, I’d be called a ‘man’? When did that happen? ‘Man Gets Into Fight With Penguin At The Zoo Over Stolen Sushi Roll’.

Man? No, I’m still just a teeny, tiny little child.

Take me back.

T&Cs apply.

Image: Blow