In case you haven’t been paying attention, it’s about to get real cold around these here parts. Winter is rolling in, people, so the sooner you get your hibernation plan together, the better.

Besides buying cute winter clothes, the chilly season is also about bunkering down on the couch and keeping cosy. We’re here to help you get the ball rolling in the form of a hefty cash injection that’s to be used strictly for Uber Eats and Uber Eats alone. We’re pretty convinced that a $500 voucher to spend at all your locals will last you a good couple of months if you do the right thing and don’t share a single cent.

So, what’s the catch? Really, it can’t be called a catch but we do want something in exchange for popping you in the draw to win the cash (voucher). Below, we’ve popped a little survey that’ll take about five minutes to complete. It isn’t too hefty and asks some questions about travel because travelling is fun and we all want to be doing a little bit more of it.

To go into the draw to win the 500 big ones, simply enter below. T&C apply.

Good luck!

Image: HBO