Most memorable gig moment? Now that’s a question and a half. Because memorable, my dear mates, does not necessarily mean ‘best’ or ‘favourite’.

My ‘best’ gig moment was arguably crying through a Damien Rice set in a small theatre in Bendigo. I went solo, post-breakup and honestly nothing is more cathartic than sitting in the dark while an Irishmen wails. Meanwhile my ‘favourite’ gig moment involved Bob Marley’s The Wailers, the entire Exodus discography and a v. sweaty night at Bluesfest.

But my most memorable gig moment? Hell. I once ate party pies with Leon Bridges after his Melbourne show – that’d be up there for me. But it’s not about me – we wanna know YOUR most memorable gig moments.

Regale us with your thoughts about gigs, music and the rest to go in the running to win a sweet $250 Uber Eats gift card.

Don’t say we don’t do nothing for ya. Enter here:

$250 bucks worth of Uber Eats? That’s a lot of late-night party pies. You should invite Leon Bridges.

Go forth and feast, friends.

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Image: A Star Is Born