A US woman was sent an invoice for the cost of a meal she had on a date after she decided not to respond to a request to see him again.

While Amanda Burnett didn’t think ghosting the bloke was very nice, she says she simply forgot about him and went on with her life. A week after their first and only date, she received an itemised bill for the cost of her drinks and dinner.

It even included a $US1.99 ($2.56) processing fee, sales tax of $US2.56 ($3.29), and shipping and handling at $US0.47 ($0.60). The total of the bill came to $US39.52 ($50.88).

When she told old mate that she wasn’t gonna cough up the cash, he told her that she had no choice unless she wanted to incur “an additional penalty or fines”. As anyone with a social media account would do, she posted the bill and following text message to Twitter.

“A guy just mailed me a bill for our dinner a few weeks ago because I didn’t text him back … I can’t make this shit up,” she wrote.

Amanda has since switched her account to private after copping a lot of backlash for not texting the guy back. “Pay for your own meal if you don’t have the decency to tell him things aren’t working,” one of the replies reads.

“If you don’t have the decency to text the guy back he’s in every right to make you pay for the meal. Only fair,” said another.

Source: The Sun
Image: Twitter / Amanda Burnett