A guy on r/relationships says the girl he’s seeing has more clips of her ex-BF in her video montage of 2021 than him in an awkwardly painful Reddit thread.

Okay, so here’s the sitch: a 28-year-old guy claims he’s been seeing this 25-year-old girl for two months. He isn’t exactly sure what they are but he knows they get along well and spend a lot of time together. Shortly before they started hanging out, she split from her ex-boyfriend after she found out he cheated on her.

Anyway, the person behind the Reddit post claims that the girl he’s seeing made a two-minute-long video montage about the highlights of her year – you know like everyone else on Insta and TikTok to that one song by The Weekend.

However, here’s the catch: the montage featured just one clip of the OP and several clips of her and her ex at dinner, at a party, and “being close and cuddly”. The scene with the person she’s currently seeing was allegedly just a picture of his hand, so either she’s soft-launching a new relo, casually seeing this guy, or potentially not over her ex.

That latter interpretation feels more accurate once you learn that one week after the montage was made, she allegedly went out to dinner with her ex. Now, look, someone can look back fondly of a relationship and even be friends with their ex but there’s something about this that feels off.

“I asked her about the video and whether she still has feelings for him,” the OP said after hearing about the dinner.

“She said that no, she doesn’t have feelings, but she’s trying to forgive him for cheating on her and not be angry at [him] anymore.

“I asked her if she plans to continue speaking to him and she told me that she doesn’t plan to contact him, but if he contacts her, she won’t ignore his messages.”

The woman allegedly added that she likes the OP and appreciates him even more after he asked about her ex. But bestie, I don’t mean to break your heart so early into 2022 but I don’t think she’s over her ex. And neither does the internet.

“She’s still into him so I’d run,” said one user on Reddit.

One user on Twitter wrote: “Having dinner with him and the Insta post? She isn’t over her ex, OP. Sorry.”

Another confessed: “Bro if someone cheated on me I wouldn’t remember them fondly.”

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