The 2017 Young Aussie Rich List Is Out & Yr Atlassian Boys Are #1 Again

We’ve all had those days where we’ve splurged on the fancy Maggie Beer ice cream and a six pack of hoppy beers from New Zealand and swanned about the house in a bathrobe and sunglasses blasting Van Halen‘s Panama while calling ourselves “rich bitch.” We’ve all done this. But there’s Burnt Fig/Caramel/Honeycomb dessert and Epic Brewing Pale Ale (PR peeps, feel free to slide into my DMs) rich, and then there’s proper, actual, get-absolutely-fucked rich; the kind that the infuriatingly not-old people on this year’s Australian Financial Review Young Rich List are.

The AFR’s 2017 Young Rich List has landed, and the surprises in it aren’t exactly plentiful. The list, which charts the wealth of the country’s most rolling-in-it people aged 40 and under, sports a pair of extremely familiar names at the top, and it’s absolute daylight between them and their nearest rival.

By several country miles, Atlassian co-founders Mike Cannon-Brooks and Scott Farquhar are at the head of the list once again, with a combined worth of a staggering $6.08 billion, a record for the list.

Cannon-Brooks and Farquhar have topped the list every year since 2012, and their worth this year is a figure ten times the combined wealth of the next two people on the list. At this stage, the only thing that appears capable of knocking the duo off the top of the Richest People Under 40 list is “not being under 40 anymore,” which is still some two-and-a-bit years away.

Atlassian’s jump in worth this year is attributed largely to a surge in the share price of the company on the US NASDAQ market, shooting their combined worth up from last year’s mark of $4.68 billion. Nice work if you can get it.

In a distant second below them on the list sits fellow-tech types Dave Grenier and Ben Richardson, whose combined worth of $607 million puts them at 3rd and 4th on the list.

The founders of web marketing company Campaign Monitor held onto the spot they claimed last year, growing their combined worth up from $543 million last year.

The real interesting climber this year sits in the next spot. Property developer/noted millennial hater Tim Gurner (yes, *that* Tim Gurner) has claimed 5th spot on the list by himself, with an estimated total worth of $465 million.

In all, there’s 27 debutants on this year’s top 100, carrying a combined wealth of $13.2 billion. Which I think we can all agree, is a lot of quiche.

Cop the full Top 10 below:


1 & 2 (combined): Mike Cannon-Brooks and Scott Farquhar – Co-founders, Atlassian – $6.08 billion
3 & 4 (combined): Dave Grenier and Ben Richardson – Co-founders, Campaign Monitor – $607 million
5: Tim Gurner – Property developer – $465 million
6: Owen Kerr – Co-founder, Pepperstone – $368 million
7: Ori Allon – Technology developer – $364 million
8: Sam Prince – Owner, Zambrero – $318 million
9 & 10 (combined): Collis and Cyan Ta’eed – Co-founders, Envato – $216 million

The full Young Rich List is available to be perused over at the Australian Financial Review.