Ya Boy Tim Gurner Is A Cool $13M Better Off On The Ridic 2017 Rich List

Tim Gurner, the property developer whose name is now permanently linked to the price of smashed avocado, has fallen 15 places on the Australian Financial Review’s annual Rich List. 

Now sitting in 141st place, the Melbourne magnate who drew international criticism for saying young people can’t afford houses ’cause we’re brunch-obsessed fools actually had his valuation rise by $13M to an astonishing $473M. 

That’s despite facing some recent setbacks, including the costs of one of his Brisbane developments ballooning by around $33M. We’re not sure about the economic impact of his infamous 60 Minutes piece, but look, we’re guessing it’s been minuscule – the punters he offended are struggling to afford property, let alone his property.
Gurner is just one of many obscenely loaded Aussies to have cracked the 200-strong ranking. The Atlassian boys, Mike Cannon-Brooks and Scott Farquhar, both made very strong showings. They’re both sitting on $2.51B each, and are ranked at 17 and 18, respectively. 
Gina Rinehart is now the third richest Aussie, cheers to her continuing mining empire. Her wealth has been tallied at an eye-watering $10.4B, which is so much money that there’s really not any point in counting it. That’s “Fuck You” riches, and then some.
Speaking of mining, Clive Palmer has somehow found a way to sneak into the ranking at 198. That’s thanks to his memes resource holdings and investments in Queensland. Still, his $344M valuation is a far cry from the $570M he commanded last year. 
Palmer was pipped by none other than Nicole Kidman. The massively successful actor, ranked 197 on the list, had her valuation grow by $9M to $347M. AFR chalks that up to her huge roles in Big Little Lies and Lion, both of which have bolstered her already stellar rep. 

Topping the list is Anthony Pratt and his fam, who head the Pratt Industries cardboard box empire and the Visy recycling company. Their wealth: $12.59B. Off cardboard. Inspirational.

Squiz the full list here. 
Source: Australian Financial Review.
Photo: 60 Minutes.