Buy These Things Now For Splendour In The Grass So You Don’t Spend Crazy $$ In July

Splendour In The Grass dates have dropped! The line up is here! If you’re planning to go, you’ve already prepped your cashola for tickets.

But what you may not have prepped is your luggage. Like all of us, you’re probably all lalalalala and then you’ll flip out the week beforehand and buy everything you need at a shopping centre for 4 billion dollars.

I mean, not ACTUALLY 4 billion. But basically. In your bank account? Same/same.

Here are some genius things to buy now, so you save money in the long run. Thank me later, friends.

1. Dumb Festival Outfits

Facts only – festival threads drop closer to Splendour, for maximum price tags. Do your due diligence now and haunt the sale sections of your fave brands – you’re likely to score some primo end of summer sale pieces for a fraction of what you’d pay for something similar in July.

This is also a GREAT time to check out overseas sites – we have, for example, some insanely good festival threads for plus-size folks in this guide. They’re mostly based o/s, but if you order soon you can wait those weeks and weeks for shipping.

2. All Your Tech Things

Need a portable charger? Wanna get a waterproof phone case in the event it pisses down rain? Buy all that stuff online now – it’s cheaper, you often have a way better selection to choose from, and you’ve got all the time in the world to wait for it to arrive.

3. Any Camping Gear

Do a stocktake of your camping stuff now if you’re planning on roughing it – chances are your tent is shithouse, you’re missing some v. important items like tent pegs (me, every time I camp) or your sleeping bag smells like wee.

Whatever the case, you’ll likely have things that need airing out before July and now is the time to do it. Then, if you spot missing items, you have time to buy them – and won’t end up lying in a pool of water because the fly flew off in the night.

4. Vintage Threads

Love a vintage festival look? Vintage gear takes time to source, and the best stuff is often found on Ebay and Depop. Given you’ve got months to prep, you can stalk the sites looking for those perfect cutoffs or that excellent basketball tank, without having to compromise with a shittier version bc you left it so late.

5. A Poncho

Do not – I repeat, do not – go to Splendour without some form of wet weather poncho. You will regret it.