WIN: Givvus A Coupla A’s For These Q’s And You Could Score A Casual $300

It’s officially springtime and frankly I think that’s a good enough reason as any to start sprucing up your place, your look and anything else that looks like it could use it. We’re not saying that winter makes us put less effort in, but if you’re me, it totally does.

Excuse me, you say you don’t have the cash to do so? Oh, how wrong you are. We’ve got you covered so you can get to making your life just that lil’ bit fancier.


All you gotta do is answer a couple of short questions in the survey above and yep, you could score a cheeky $300 – and if you’re not keen on a spruce (who even are you?), you can use the cash however your lil’ heart desires.

T&Cs apply.