WIN: Score A Year Of Filling Your Guts For Free At A Bunch Of Restaurants

If you’re stuck sitting at home staring resignedly at a can of gross chunky soup because you haven’t got the cash for fancy food, you’re not alone.

Your blessed tastebuds deserve deliciousness, a veritable smorgasbord of flavours and textures that challenge the palate and invigorate the senses. Not a meal that has your tongue questioning, “Is this a piece of potato or just really sad meat?”

Put the can down and step away from the counter, because you can do so much better. Don’t argue mate, you know it’s true.

Liven want to keep your tongues bathed in tasty goodness, so they’re offering one lucky duck a whole year of free food at 8Bit and Messina – and 50 others will score $25 of LVN to spend. If you haven’t used Liven before, it’s a nifty lil’ payments app that’ll have you earning cryptocurrency every time you pay for your meal.

There are hundreds of cool restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne that you can use LVN at, so you’ll be able to pop out for an evening of fancy culinary extravagance one night and a dessert-only party for your inner five-year-old the next.

If the taste sensations aren’t enough to convince you to chuck your hat in the ring for the chance to score the prize, the other cool thing about the app is that it can actually donate directly to charity for you.

Every time you earn cash on Liven you have the option to send part (or all) of it straight on through to your preferred charity, and receive a receipt for tax purposes.

So give it a crack by heading to Liven’s Facebook page and commenting HERE.