It comes. The most delicious time of the year is once again upon us. We simply must bask if the decadent glow of what’s probably the naughtiest drop from our fave gelato lords – Gelato Messina – for there is nothing more indulgent than the annual eating season. My friends, the Christmas Coma is here, and it is simply unholy.

This year’s festive trifle from Messina has clearly taken it from third to fifth gear this year, and the dessert demons have brought out all the stops to make sure you really wind up in a food coma at 2pm on Christmas day (or whenever you celebrate with your family by sinking bulk beer and eating way too much grub).

So what’s in this year’s Messina Christmas Coma? Well, it’s essentially death by chocolate/hazelnut. Labelled a “Messinatella semifreddo”, the lordge binch is stacked with dense-ass layers of Messinatella (choc-hazelnut) crémeaux, chocolate mud cake with Messinatella fudge, caramelised white chocolate mousse, and chocolate-coated puffed rice and candied hazelnuts. That’s not it, either. The 2021 Coma also features luxe vanilla cream chantilly, a hazelnut semifreddo, and a choc-hazelnut crumble.

The pièce de résistance of this whole fucked-up delicious deep dish of choccy yum is the handmade white chocolate gold sheet on top, and on top of that, a delicate little orb of milk choc hazelnut, packed with oozing, gooey Messinatella.

messina christmas coma trifle 2021
[Image: Messina / Supplied]
Jesus. Fucking. WEPT.

Because Messina are truly the worst at making all of us gluttons for treats, the Christmas Come this year comes in a big pack filled with heaps of extras so there’s no drooling mouth left unfed at the table.

The fuck-off fantastic trifle also comes with a litre of Messina’s own brandy custard, and a bake-at-home gingerbread and dark choc chip cookie pie.

messina christmas coma trifle 2021
[Image: Messina/Supplied]
I don’t know how or why we managed to be on the nice list considering how utterly naughty this is, but I’m not complaining in the slightest.

So if you’re after some serious brownie points at the family gathering this year (I dunno, maybe you forgot Mum’s birthday present or didn’t call Nan once), you can pre-order one of these custom made arvo nap-inducing desserts for $230 a pop. Might seem like a bit of a splurge but honestly, it’ll be worth every cent.

The Messina Christmas Coma is on sale on Monday, November 22nd over on the Messina website and will be dropped in staggered times this year (or you can sign up for early access right now).

ACT and QLD stores are kicking things off at 9am AEDT, with all Victorian stores going up at 9.30am AEDT. After that, NSW’s trifles are being released in three groups.

At 10am, Bondi, Circular Quay, Miranda, Randwick and Surry Hills stores will go on sale. At 10.30, Brighton Le Sands, Darlinghurst, Parramatta, and Tramsheds will pop theirs up. Then at 11am AEDT, Darling Square, Newtown, Penrith and the kitchens at Rosebery will put their comas up for the picking.

It’s a bit of a wrangle this year, but it’ll be worth it.