5 Money Apps To Get Around So You Can Stay On Top Of Your Dollarydoos

Honestly speaking, I’ve never been particularly BAD with money. Sure, I’ve gotten myself into a lil’ trouble with a growing Afterpay debt and I absolutely forgot that rent was due this week so I’m left with $9 now, but for the MOST PART I’m great.

Could definitely be better though. Considering we all let our smartphones and devices essentially run our lives (bow down to the robot overlords when they come, folk), it stands to reason that if we’re messing up with our cash that there’s probably an app to help.

And actually there are stacks – varying in type and quality. Getting your spending in order could be as simple as deleting Uber Eats from your phone until you have the self-control NOT to order another serving of dumplings – or as simple as using one of the following apps to sort your shiz.

1. Spaceship

Spaceship Voyager is an investing app where you can pop in your funds to become a real-life investor in listed companies (as low as $5 if that’s all you can spare coz there’s no minimum investment). When you invest with the app, you get ‘units’ in a fancy managed fund, and the fund directly invests in a diverse selection of listed companies that’ll hopefully score you some extra $$$ here and there. If ‘managed fund’ or ‘listed companies’ sounds daunting, might I remind you that literally anyone over 16 with a phone can become an investor with this app – it’s that easy.

You have the option between two different global investment portfolios and there aren’t any fees if you’re using less than five grand, which is noice. Best part is that you’ll actually get updates in a blog on the app so even if you don’t reaaally understand stocks (am I the only one still raising my hand?), it’ll have you sorted.

2. You Need A Budget

YNAB is both an accurate statement and an app that means business. It wants you shaping up so you know where you’re money’s at – ‘coz having no idea what you’re spending your money on is a fast track to accidentally spending $400 on water bottles each month (which is terrible for the environment, don’t be shitty to the planet).

Plus it means you actually know when big bills and debts are being paid, because it’ll be marked clearly on the app. Learn from my current dilemma and remember the dates that you’re gonna fork out some cash.

3. Beem It

This handy lil’ app is particularly good if you’re sick of having to wait days between transferring and receiving cash from your friends, family and who knows who else. You can pay people, split bills and request money all by pressing a button – and it’s immediate.

You can cop $5 for free the first ten times you refer a friend to the app too. So if you’ve got mates who use cop outs like, “Oh I definitely already paid you, it probably just hasn’t shown up yet”, just make like Rihanna, tell them to Beem It and make sure they have your money.

4. Xinja

Let’s be v. v. clear. Xinja is not a bank, but it’s pretty damn close. It’s a neobank, and it’s trying to revolutionise the way that humans are banking. You know, taking a step away from the current system where we keep transferring cash from our savings to our everyday account every time we feel like splurging (ahem, every day).

You’ll be able to see payments in real time, set actual goals and set aside certain amounts for specific purposes without having to start an entirely new account for each new penny-pinching venture. Plus it’s still growing, so there’s only gonna be more soon enough.

5. Splitwise

This is a house-sharing human’s dream app – no, seriously, if you’re currently living with housemates then you’re going to feel the weight of a thousand unpaid grocery bills (where they simply promised that they’d send you their share later) lift right off your shoulders.

And if you’re the culprit, you can use Splitwise to split all the expenses equally with a specific column to explicitly state which person owes the other what. So you can get yourself out of the cone of shame and pay your housemates on time.

So mates, get your finances sorted. It’s not as funny as it used to be to laugh at how broke you are – trust me that after your third night in a row of noodles, you’ll be feeling pretty crap. Give these apps a crack to manage your spending and get some proper meals into you.

We’re just saying this coz we care – we’re not mad. Just disappointed. Plus, if you get involved with Spaceship, you can technically tell your parents you’re an investor and they won’t be nearly as disappointed in you as we are. Loophole.

Up ya game, folks.

This advertorial has been prepared by Pedestrian and sponsored by Spaceship Capital Limited (ABN 67 621 011 649, AFSL 501605), the issuer of the Spaceship Universe Portfolio and Spaceship Index Portfolio (Spaceship Voyager). Any advice is general only as it does not take into account your objectives, situation or needs. You should consider whether Spaceship Voyager is right for you by reading the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and the Additional Information Document (available online at spaceshipinvest.com.au) and obtaining appropriate financial and taxation advice. Spaceship Voyager is available to Australian tax residents only.

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