Tell Us What You’re Looking For In A Uni & You Could Score $3k As A Nifty Lil’ Treat


Picking a uni can be a bit of a nerve-racking experience. Between deciding what course you’re going to do, calculating whether you’ve got the marks (or experience) to get in, and even tossing up whether you need to move away from home, there are a bunch of factors that influence your decision.

If you’re currently in the process of weighing up your options, why not take a second to envision what your dream uni experience looks like?

Take a break from the real-life stuff and breathe — because we’ve partnered up with Swinburne University of Technology to give one lucky punter a nifty $3k for telling us exactly what they’re looking for in a uni.

Maybe it’s heaps of flexibility between IRL and online study, whether you’ll be able to gain real-life experience while studying or even having the option to join in on a bunch of on-campus activities (all realities at Swinburne) — let your imagination run wild, and you could score some extra cash in your pocket.

WIN $3,000 Big Ones Thanks To Swinburne University of Technology

To make your uni decision-making a little easier, over the next few weeks, Swinburne will be holding online and in-person info nights for parents and students, campus tours, and even taster sessions to get you into the headspace of studying in specific fields. You can find out more right here.

If you leave feeling inspired, you can preference Swinburne in your VTAC Timely applications, which are open until 5pm September 29th.

So, get thinking, and you could find yourself with extra cash to buy stationery and get organised or a whole new on-campus wardrobe so you can rebrand — whatever floats your boat.