A Bunch Of Ways To Pay For Things That Don’t Involve Owning A Wallet

These Are All The Ways Paying With Cash And Cards Will Be Replaced

Plastic cards? A thing of the past. Actual cash? Only for chumps my friend. I’m kidding, I 100% still use both of these methods and only these methods to pay for things, but that’s really only because my phone is about a million years old and I am living in the past. The future though, the future of how we pay for stuff is coming real fast.

To be honest, a lot of them aren’t even new, they’re probably already a daily occurrence for most of you, but I’m including them anyway, so deal.


Let’s start with the most obvious one first. It was actually years ago that my tech-savvy friend first tapped his phone on the EFTPOS machine and I my mind was blown like I’d just seen a hovercraft. And now it’s so standard to have your phone connected to your bank, leaving no need for your wallet.

Actually, there’s a question for you: what will happen to wallets? I love wallets like most people love shoes. I refuse to give them up.

Smart Watch

In case we weren’t already connected enough, you can now communicate or track your heart rate via a little fancy watch on your wrist. Say hello to getting out and about without all the dead weight.

Pay Later Apps

Let this article now become an ode to those wonderful apps like AfterPay and ZipPay that let you buy now and pay later, whether you’re online or in store. They are solely to thank for my now fab wardrobe, but also completely to blame for my dismal savings of late.

Technically cards are still existing for these transactions, the app has all your deets, but you don’t actually need them with you when you purchase things and there’s no interest on your payment so that makes it a legit inclusion on this list.


Coffee Thermos

When I first saw Frank Green‘s reusable bottles/cups in a random store with the paywave feature I thought it was crazy. Who would need this? Now I’m all about it.

Going to workout and taking nothing but your water and towel? You can still by a treat on the way home! Because that’s the only reason people workout right? Being super responsible and take your reusable cup to the barista for coffee? You can pay with that same cup.

Why I don’t own one of these is beyond me, but then again I’m still in the early ’00s with my phone so it’s no shock really.

Personally, I think there’s a lot more we could be shoving paywave type technology into. What about paying with your headphones? Or being able to sort of, kick your shoe in the general direction of the EFTPOS machine?

Then again maybe I should just work on joining the rest of the world and getting what’s already out there.