A Guide To Abusing Free Trials From Someone Who Hates Paying For Stuff

How To Make The Most Of Free Trials So You Can Save Money

I love free stuff. It’s honestly my main motivation in life. It’s not even necessarily a case of not being able to afford it (although it’s definitely that too, I can’t lie), it’s just that not paying for something is so much more fun.

Free food even if it’s kind of gross? I’ll take it. Free ticket to a good ole’ fashioned honky tonk? I’m absolutely in. Although that one’s not entirely fair, have you ever two-stepped with a cowboy? Guaranteed polite and fun time. But any way you get my point. Free things even when they’re kind of crap = suddenly amazing and worthy of my time.

So when I see a free trial for something actually worth having/doing, I grab it with both hands and run off chuckling into the sunset. I absolutely endorse this strategy for everyone.

Work It

Lucky for you I’ve already done the groundwork on the best free gym trials because I am poor and hate paying stupid amounts of money to be fit. The gym is not just for rich social influencers, ok?!
Here ya go: 
or steal pt sessions…

Watch It

To be honest, you’ve probably already made use of this one and proceeded to pay real money for your movie/TV streaming provider of choice, but I had to include it for integrity purposes, and in case maybe you’ve been living in the remote Alaskan wilderness until recently…which would actually be amazing and you should tell me about it. But I digress.

Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime Video all have decent free trial periods. In a slightly more traditional way to watch your shows, Foxtel also gives a free 14-day trial. It remains to be seen if the new Disney and Nickelodeon streaming sites will have free trials but good god if they do I am SO there.

Then, of course, there’s all the free show watching you can do on the websites of most major T.V. channels.

Eat It

You know what’s perfect for lazy and/or time poor people? Those meal subscription things that send you the exact ingredients and recipes to make your dinners for the week. They’re also great if you’re only cooking for yourself or just two people because meal wastage is an actual problem and I always feel incredibly guilty buying a whole garlic when I actually only need one clove and I know full well there’s no way I’ll be using the rest before it goes off.

But you know what’s even better than that? Getting it for free. The trick here is making sure you jump in and quit the subscription before the next week when they’ll take actual money from your card. Hello Fresh is obviously the original, but now you have the luxury of working through a whole bunch like Dinnerly, Marley Spoon. There are heaps, have a Google.

Pump It

Because you’ll need some motivating tunes to go with all that free gym, make use of the free premium trials for music streaming services. These aren’t measly week-long trials either. Spotify gives you a full 2 months of blissful, ad-free music. That’s pah-lenty of time to get your body into shape and then go back to your normal programming (i.e. binge-watching your free movie streaming provider).