PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Set for Life to bring you this lil' guide on how to make your Chrissy gifts the best yet. They're all about enhancing your life - win Set for Life, and you'll score $20k every month for the next 20 years - so we've picked the best pricey pressies to ask your loved ones for.

Christmas is a time for giving. But it’s also a time for receiving. Some (selfish, the worst, me) people would even say receiving is the most important part of Christmas.

Presents are great, and they’re even better if they’re something you actually wanted or needed. The best gifts? Ones that cost a bomb, you can’t personally justify buying with your own income, but undoubtedly make your life eons better.

We’ve rounded up some gifts we’ve spotted around that you should hit up your closest loved ones for this Christmas. Whether you outright ask them for one of these babies or you drop some not-so-subtle hints, finding anything on this list under your Christmas tree this December 25 will be a good time for all, trust us.


Google Home @ JB-Hi Fi, $199

Chances are you’ve seen Google Home around, whether on ads or in stores, but are still a bit confused as to what it actually does. Well, it’s well worth asking for this Christmas – the small, inoffensive unit is like your own PA. Ask it to do things, like switch lights on and off, play music, or stream videos via Chromecast. You can also ask it for information – what the weather is going to be that day, what your calendar looks like… life = easy.


Cloud Nine Gift Of Gold Gift Set, $340

Hair straighteners are one of those things you continually forget to replace, even when yours has fallen on the floor 40 times and turns itself off when it feels like it. The Cloud Nine straighteners are industry favourites for their excellent tech and longevity. This pack features a Limited Edition straightener with gold detailing, plus a paddle brush and clips for styling.


Ksubi @ General Pants Chitch Chop Jean Slice ‘N’ Dice, $199.95

The best jeans are (often) the pricey ones, if you like yours to last and not rip in places they’re, erm, not meant to rip. Ksubi always nail it when it comes to perfectly executed trends, and yes – their price point is high – but they’re synonymous with style and well-worth the investment from a both a quality and design perspective.


Thermomix, $2,089

Hoo, boy. Thermomixes might be the pinnacle of kitchen gear but they are expensive. At $2k+, you’ll need to find someone who really, really loves you (or several people to chip in together) to get one of these guys under your Christmas tree. But as you probably already know, everyone who owns one absolutely raves. These geniuses cook, blend, chop, steam… there’s pretty much nothing you can’t make in one.


Tag Heuer Link Calibre 5 Watch, $3,700

Another whopper of a purchase for a Christmas gift, a classic designer watch is always something to hint for when you know people are OK to fork out some major $$ on you. They’re high quality and usually come with long-term warranties, smarten up any outfit (you absolutely wear a watch to any/all job interviews, for example), and if you choose wisely can last you a lifetime.




Fornasetti @ Mecca Silenzio Candle, $740

All Fornasetti candles are expensive – normal-sized ones are priced around the $250 mark – but this large, attention-grabbing one (it’s 1.9kg) is our pick because it doubles as decor. The beautiful vessel features Fornasetti house muse Lina Cavallieri, and the candle itself is uniquely scented with thyme, lavender, orris, cedarwood and incense – just to name a few.


Tom Ford Oud Minerale EDP, 50ml, $340

Tom Ford fragrances are predominantly these perfectly unisex, luxurious scents that make you smell like a million bucks. Oud Minerale is one of their newest, a fresh-yet-woody masterpiece where oud and aqua notes (two things that generally don’t go together) clash in this excellent, weirdly sexy way.


West Elm Hexagon Framed Mirror – Antique Brass, $399

Mirrors are one of those things you just never buy for yourself, but can instantly update your living or bedroom. A good quality, well-designed mirror is where it’s at, and it’s absolutely the kind of Christmas gift you’ll enjoy receiving, and will bring ongoing happiness to your life.


Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse Mini Bag, $1,640

The Gucci GG Marmont bag collection was arguably the biggest release of 2017. Some are highly trend-driven – the embroidered ‘Loved’ one, for example, probably won’t date too well – but others like the Matelasse Mini Bag will remain timeless, we reckon. The trick to investment handbags is to choose classic styles if you can’t fork out the $$ all the time, and this one is right on the money.


Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro Premium, $570

If you’re a sneakerhead, these shoes’ll no doubt have you frothing at the mouth. Sure, the Royal colourway (bright blue and black) was the most hyped, but white is timeless, and given grandpa sneaks are very much the sneaker trend going into 2018 – these kind of tick all boxes and make the investment worth it.

There you go – plenty of gifts to pester loved ones for. Or, you know, if you’re nice – buy for your own life favourites.

Image: Instagram / @the_luxury_chronicles