At this point in history, literally anything can be a sought-after fashion item if you give it enough spin. That was the case when Balenciaga did their high-end rip of the IKEA bag, and it’s the case now – Spanish fashion house BIIS have made a collection of premium leather… garbage bags.

Yep, they’re literally designed to look like those bin liners you use for wheelie bins. Except they’re made of leather, and the 30L size costs $600 bucks.

They’re meant as an alternative to a backpack, and tbh in the above pic it’s all working quite well from a sartorial perspective.

Their entire current range is modelled on trash – there are silver pendants that look like can tabs, and $200 gold safety pins.

Stupid as this all sounds, let’s not forget how quickly Supreme‘s accessories collection – which featured everything from a garden shovel to chopsticks emblazoned with the brands colourways and logo – gained major hype and sold in droves.

Clearly, we all just love trash that’s been turned into luxe fashion house treasure.

Image: BIIS