Here’s A Squiz At Supreme’s AW17 Accessories In All Their Useless Glory

Ah, Supreme. You never fail to deliver when it comes to supremely (sorry) fucked accessories, do you.

Every year, the streetwear brand skater bois know and love drops a bunch of accessories that are basically the brand taking the complete piss – last year for example, they logo’d up an actual brick. A… brick. Not even a cool, red and white brick or anything – just a brown brick with Supreme written on it.

This season, the accessories range from the actually not bad – like this ‘Fuck the President’ keychain:

And this chair, which is so minimally branded even a Supreme hater could easily work it into their lounge room:

One that’s really garnering some serious attention is this Fender Stratocaster:

Then there’s utterly useless and absolutely overpriced, like this shovel:

These absolutely, definitely overpriced chopsticks:

And, in what might be the most useless accessory release yet, a wad of (most likely fake) $100 bills. WHY.

Check out the entire accessories drop on the Supreme site here.