15 Actually Nice Bum Bags That Are A Few Steps Up From Your Average Sesh

Contributor: Bree Grant
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Ahh, the ol’ bum bag, otherwise known as fanny packs (hip packs, sling bags, crossbody bags, waist bags or whatever else ya wanna call them that tickles your fancy) to our foreign friends.

Despite their fkn terrible names — waist bag is much more ~fashion~, so let’s go with that — the style is actually super practical, highly functional, and great for almost any outfit and occasion. Yes, even the sesh… if you can remember those.

Hear me out: Think of all the hands-free activities you can participate in if your bag is literally belted to your body. You can be double-parked at all times, you can take pics of your mates (and random strangers) at a moments notice, you can get through the checkout at Woolies without fumbling all your belongings. Literally anything you need two free hands for you can do *chef’s kisses*. They can also add a little flavour and flare to any outfit that requires a little something.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, these 15 cute bum bags will absolutely change your mind. Ahead, we’ve scoured the Internet to bring you waist bags of all shapes, materials, sizes and price points so you can pair one perfectly with your ‘fit.

Fiorucci Vintage Angels Bum Bag, $120

bum bags

Status Anxiety Best Lies, $129.95

Bum Bag

P.E NATION Training Day Cross Body Bag, $129

P.E Nation Bag

Versace Jeans Couture Linea Chevron Belt Bag, $205

Adidas Originals Waist Bag, $45

Nike Mini Heritage Cross Body Bum bag, $31

Tommy Jeans TJM Heritage Bumbag, was $119, now $65.45

Guess Vikky Belt Bag, $129

Bum Bag

Camilla Macramé Waist Pack, $299

Poppy Lissiman Malibu Waistbag, $150

Versace Jeans Couture Small Logo Cross-Body Bag, $285

Versace Bag

Dickies Logo Hipsack, $24.99

Dickies bum bag

Topshop Micro Zip Detail Bag, $32

ASOS Design Leather Classic Bum Bag, $44

bum bag

Polo Ralph Lauren Sport Capsule Bum Bag, $229