Peak Relaxation Is Lounging On A Pool Floatie, So Sunnylife Wants To Sling Ya One For 30% Off

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It’s probably not a healthy perspective, but my only motivation for ~life~ right now is the sweet taste of a salty, sun-kissed summer on the horizon. While Melbourne’s literal fucking shit house weather has made that a further reality than ever before, it hasn’t stopped me from browsing the absolute heck out of every brand’s Black Friday sales in an attempt to cop a pair of new togs or two for the occasion. Maybe, even a beach floatie, too.

If you’re in the same sad little boat as me and are in need of a nice summer pump up, I do have one little gem of respite for youAussie-born and bred brand SUNNYLiFE has announced up to 50% off their online exclusive Emerald Stripe pool collection.

This means you can cop major coin off their range of luxe lilos, pool rings, hammocks, tote bags and other bits ‘n bobs. This is a big win for you peeps who own pools or like to head to the beach for summer.

In saying that, it’d only be fair if we sussed the range together below, right?

SUNNYLiFE Australia’s Up To 50% Off Sale Picks

Luxe Lilo

Sunny life, sunny life Australia, Black Friday

Luxe Lilo, $69.99 (usually $99.99)

Bolster Hammock

Bolster Hammock, $27.99 (usually $39.99)

Pool Ring

Sunny life, sunny life Australia, Black Friday

Pool Ring, $31.99 (usually $39.99)

SUNNYLiFE Australia Canvas Tote

Sunny life, sunny life Australia, Black Friday

SUNNYLiFE Canvas Tote, $5 (usually $24.99)

Vintage Lie On 

Sunny life, sunny life Australia, Black Friday

Vintage Lie On, $59.99 (usually $99.99)

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Happy shopping!