A Primo Assortment Of Pool Inflatables That’ll Float Your Boat This Summer

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Look, inflatables have come a long way since the ’90s.

Back then it was all purple lounges and blow-up plants, aliens or backpacks for your atrocious Hanson-filled pre-teen room. But now it’s all “Haiiii, look how lush AF my life is on this lush AF swan in this LUSH infinity pool.” It really is a lovely, superficial time to be alive.

But other than it making for a double-tappable Insta pic and all that mumbo jumbo, it’s actually just an all-round fun way to just chill / lounge your way through summer. So below, dear lazy humans, are our inflatable picks for the season. 

1. Neon Jam Unicorn Float Pool Inflatable, $77.59.

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Yaaassss, nothing can make summer more magical than floating around on an actual magical creature in the pool, RIGHT?

2. Sunnylife Luxe Lie-On Float Lobster, $79.95

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The only lobster in your pool should be this one. I’m not referring to actual sea creatures, I’m referring to what you’ll get called / resemble if you don’t fang on some sunscreen. Slip slop slap and all that, yeah?

3. Pumpt Inflatable Clam, $79.95.

Aesthetic game = strong. Is this not a chic AF adult upgrade to those clam kiddy pools the ‘rents used to chuck you in?

4. Sunnylife Moby Dick Float, $149. 

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Let it blow, let it blooowwwwwwww. 

5. Big Mouth Inflatable Strawberry Donut, $28.

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If you’re all for the summer body stuff, this is the closest you’ll come to a donut over the hols. Take what you can get aye.

6. Sunnylife Luxe Float Flamingo Rose Gold, $99.95.

Part of the flamingo’s appeal is that it’s pink, but we’re partial to rose gold so you can match all your Kmart interiors. May as well, you know?

7. Swimline Pool Pizza Slice, $49.31.


8. Giant Swan Inflatable Pool Toy, $69.

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Did you think we were going to get through this entire article without mentioning the be-all-and-end-all swan? Bless. 


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Photo: Instagram / @swimlinecorp.