Here’s 18 Pool Floats To Try This Summer If You’ve Always Wanted To Ride Bubble O’Bill’s Face

Contributor: Lucy Cocoran
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Pool floats are for adults. There, I said it. Your blow up pool chair, ring, or flamingo is Not. For. Kids.

What your pool float is for is lazing around with some snacks and a few drinks while you responsibly soak up the sun and float around your pool like a giant, human-shaped pinball.

Not only will you have a great time laying in a pool float, it’s bound to make your mates jealous. I mean, who doesn’t want a pool float that looks like a giant jar of Vegemite?

We’ve gone and found some of the coolest, most sophisticated and downright weirdest pool floats on the internet, so you can spend more time in the pool this summer.

Streets Ice Cream Pool Float Bundle

If you’ve ever wanted to float around on a giant Paddle Pop, oh boy do I have some news for you. This three pack of floats will let you ride Bubble O’Bill’s face. Sorry, not sorry.

We’ll also just keep ignoring the fact that the rainbow Paddle Pop is actually caramel flavoured.

Monsoon Ice Dragon Swim Ring

Look at this dragon swim ring and tell me it isn’t the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. You can ride a dragon in your pool!

pool floats

BCF Trophy Catch Pool Float Bundle

This bundle comes with five realistic sea creatures that you can ride on. There’s a squid, mahi mahi, flathead, marlin and a prawn.

Sunnylife Mermaid Tail Pool Float

Remember when you used to pretend to be a mermaid in the pool as a kid? Now you can actually be a mermaid with this pool float.

pool floats

Vegemite x Tradie Pool Float Bundle

Show the world your love for Australia’s national spread with this bundle that comes with two floats. One in the shape of a jar of Vegemite, and the other in the shape of some Vegemite toast.

Sunnylife Parfum Champagne Pool Float

If you’re feeling a bit fancy, this pool float shaped like a perfume bottle is the perfect mix of relaxation and sophistication.

pool floats

FUNBOY Chaise Lounge

This classic little number will be the star of your pool this summer. The blue gradient screams ‘Y2K’ and we’re living for it.

INTEX Llama Ride-On Float

Who doesn’t love llamas? No one, that’s who. And now, thanks to this pool float, you can lounge on one all summer long.

pool floats

Lazy Dayz Peacock Ride-On Float

There’s nothing like peacocking around on a giant peacock float. Ooze sophistication like the royal bird you are.

INTEX Palm Leaf Pool Float

Bit obsessed with plants? We see you. Your whole house must be chockers full of ’em. That’s why you’ll enjoy this pool float because what’s more relaxing than floating away on a palm leaf? Nothin’!

pool floats

INTEX Shell Lie-On Float

Even Ariel would be jealous of this sparkly pink shell. It has two cup holders as well, so you can double park with a couple of bevvies.

Aqua Leisure Luxury Pool Lounge

If you’re not a fan of getting the sun in your eyes, this pool lounge will solve your problem. It comes with a detachable sunshade and a drink holder, so you’ll never need to get out of the pool again.

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Sunnylife Strawberry Lie-On Float

The only thing sweeter than this strawberry pool float is the long summer days you’ll spend relaxing in the pool.

Somersault Pineapple Pool Float

You absolutely cannot be sad when you have a huge inflatable pineapple by your side. You may go blind from brightness, though.

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Sunnylife Gold Swan Ride-On Float

Golden swans might not lay golden eggs, but this bad boy will make you feel like royalty.

FUNBOY Inflatable Donut Swim Ring

This pastel-coloured pool float is not only massive (50″ diameter), making it perfect for adults, but also has a drink holder so you can stay hydrated.

pool floats

Ahoy Floats Echidna Swim Ring

pool floats

A homage to the beloved Australian echidna? Utterly delightful!

Sunnylife Unicorn Ride-On Float

You didn’t think we’d forget the iconic giant unicorn float, right? Nope. Isn’t she a beaut’?

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Lead image credit: BCF/Sunnylife