Stop Buying Exxy Coffees & Become Yr Own Barista W/ Nespresso’s New Vertuo Pop For $195

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If the reason you wake up in the morning hinges entirely on being able to knock back a sweet hit of caffeine (aka the most godly experience known to man), you’re not alone, babes. The chokehold that drink has on us all is equally as terrifying as it is fucking great. But will that stop us in any way, shape or form? No.

My friends talk about our morning coffee run as if it were a religious experience, and I can attest — to us it is as sacred as church on a Sunday. The only thing that’s pretty unholy about it? How much we’re forking out for this heavenly shit on the daily. I mean, if you think about it, one year on the goods costs ya over $2,000 (and that’s without me adding an extra 80c for your fkn oat milk).

So, if your saving for a shit-hot Euro summer, or in this economy, just want to head out camping in regional Victoria, we’ve found a pretty solid solution for forking out all your dosh at the local café. Introducing Nespresso’s most affordable and compact capsule/coffee pod machine to date, the Vertuo POP.

Retailing for just $194.65 (usually $229) per machine or $271.15 (usually $319) when partnered with an Aeroccino3 milk frother, this is the GOAT of home brews, trust me.

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With the click of a single button (yeah, y’all heard me ONE BUTTON), this baby has been specially-made to deliver you barista-grade, cafe-quality coffee. How? Well, lads, gather ’round because the secret lies in the fact that every Vertuo coffee capsule has a unique barcode printed on it, so when you put yours in the Vertuo POP, the machine settings are precisely adjusted to create the perfect blend for your chosen coffee every single fkn time. Booyah!

Oh, and if you’re worried about it fitting in with your kitchen’s ~aesthetic~ you’ll also be happy to know that this Nespresso coffee machine has been kitted out in a Spicy Red, Mango Yellow, Aqua Mint, Pacific Blue, Liquorice Black or Coconut White colour to ensure it suits any splash back you’ve got installed, folks. Alternatively, it’s not much bigger than my one collective brain cell before a caffeinated beverage, so it’ll slide nicely into a cupboard or shelf if you want to tuck it away.

Interested in learning more or just doing the damn thing and taking it home today? Nespresso actually has 15% off all coffee machines right now, including the Vertuo Pop. You can shop it here.