Here Are 7 Of The Best Winter Moisturisers To Slip, Slop, Slap On Your Crusty Elbows

The Best Moisturisers to Slather on in Winter If You Don't Want Cracked Elbows
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We want to be unbothered, moisturised, happy, in our lanes and focused. But, instead, we are in the throes of winter and our elbows have never better resembled the weird raisin-like grandma from Spongebob.

Now, we’re not looking to make the same mistakes as last year, nor put a wad of your friend’s cum on their face like this one TikToker did (apparently we were trés desperate in 2022).

But this year, we decided to take a slightly more conventional approach and consult a dermatologist about the best winter face moisturisers on the market. Far less exciting, we know, but far more effective. Trust.

What should we be looking for/avoiding in a winter moisturiser?

First things first, what the actual fuck should we even be looking out for when faced with a million different ingredients and product benefits? 

Well, Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan, an Aussie dermatologist, says that investing in a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid is a good call because it holds almost 1000 times its weight and water in the skin.

She also says that while it’s fine to opt for a heavier face moisturiser as it starts to cool down outside, you should avoid going for something too heavy (e.g. moisturisers with occlusive ingredients like petroleum jelly, mineral oil, silicone, lanolin and waxes) unless you’ve got severe eczema or a barrier dysfunction, as these tend to congest the pores.

Dermal Therapist at Cosmology Skincare and GC Skin Boutique, Gabrielle Singh, also reminds me that the key to any good winter skincare routine is making sure it has SPF in it because UV still exists, even on the cloudiest of days.

So, let’s put our money where our mouth is. How do we fix the monstrosity that is our dehydrated flesh?

The best daily moisturisers for winter

Avène Hydrance Rich Hydrating Cream

We love a little something that we can find at good ol’ Priceline or Adore Beauty. Not only does this Avène face moisturiser have calming properties to alleviate stubborn dryness, but it’s also super hydrating without being all greasy ‘n thick.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Sensitive Facial Moisturiser

Dr Gunatheesan gives top ratings to La Roche Posay’s range of moisturisers (another chemist brand, FTW), so if you’re looking for something fairly affordable, that also doubles up as a neat primer for underneath your makeup (IYKYK), snap this baby up fast, besties.

Cosmology UV Defence Moisturiser

best face moisturisers

If you’ve got a T-Zone that feels dry in the mornings, and then when you look back at your face at 2pm, feels oiler than the bottom of a Maccas fry bag, this light UV Defence face moisturiser by Cosmology will hydrate and nourish the skin without giving it a necessary sheen.

Rationale #5 The Gel Crème

best face moisturisers

While Rationale is more of a higher-end brand (as you can tell by the price point), it ends up being super cost-effective because a little goes a long way. Thanks to its gel creme texture, it’s also super lightweight, but don’t let that deceive you – Dr Gunatheesan assures us it is still ace at generating skin renewal and optimal hydration.

The best heavy-duty creams for extra dry or sensitive skin

Bioderma Sensibio Defensive Rich Ultra-Nourishing Soothing Moisturiser

For my sensitive pals, this is another good base for your makeup, so say helloooo to a flake-free winter. Just make sure you allow it to thoroughly seep into your skin before you start packin’ it with powder. We may have learned that the hard way.

CeraVe Moisturising Lotion

CeraVe’s moisturiser range is infused with ceramides which helps barrier dysfunction for drier, more sensitive skin. The beauty of this baby is that it’s also pretty runny, so Dr Gunatheesan recommends that you layer as much (or as little) as you need based on your individual skin type.

Dermal Therapy Very Dry Face Cream

It’s an unspoken rule that the products with the least going on (A.K.A unscented, no fancy colours or textures) are usually the best for your skin. This Dermal range embodies exactly that. Instead, they’re loaded with a bunch of hydrating properties like hyaluronic acid and ceramides to help restore your skin barrier.

What about serums? Exfoliants? Should we add any of those to the mix?

Some extra serums never go astray in the winter chill. Dr Gunatheesan personally recommends stepping up more usage of your vitamin B3 serum or a niacinamide serum morning and night to help with barrier impairment. 

“These will go on first because serums are technically lighter weight, and then you would lock in a face moisturiser by tapping that on to seal the serum,” she says. 

RE: exfoliants, your skin is obviously quite sensitive at this time of year, so Ms Singh recommends selecting a chemical exfoliant over a physical exfoliant as it helps to avoid stripping your barrier and causing further irritation.

“A chemical exfoliant works on a deeper level by breaking down the bonds between your skin cells and penetrating further into the skin than a physical exfoliant can. This allows better absorption of your serums and moisturisers, which in the long run will show a better result with your skin,” she says.

And with that, happy moisturising! Here’s us wishing you a flake-free winter. If you still need more help in the dry skin department, though, head here for some more tips.