Here’s How To Look After The Skin On Yr Body Bc It’s Just As Important As Our Retinol Routines TBH

Like many of us, I am a beauty girlie through and through. I love my silly little skincare routine and get genuine joy out of browsing the pharmacy aisles, searching for a cult find or a cheap deal that will transform my skin into the glazed doughnut it should be. 

But, while I spend time morning and night looking after my face and neck, the skin on my body can feel some serious beauty FOMO.

I blame it on wearing this thing called clothes – you know, out of sight, out of mind and all that. I also blame it partly on downright laziness. 

Apparently, I’d rather look like a lizard than get out of my bed and lather some moisturiser on. Sue me.

But no longer. This winter, I’m treating the rest of my body skin with the love, care and hyaluronic acid that I show my face. 

If you (like me) don’t know where to start, skincare brand Garnier has a range of cruelty-free Body Superfood moisturisers that provide 48 hours of hydration, up to ten layers deep.

There are four moisturisers to choose from – all at least 96% natural origin – that contain dermatologically-active superfood ingredients to help nourish your skin. There’s the rich cream of avocado and omega 6, cocoa and ceramide designed for super dry skin, and aloe vera and magnesium for sensitive skin. And there’s also a watermelon and hyaluronic acid gel to help dehydrated skin get its glow back. Yes, even in winter. 

We’re used to seeing ingredients like ceramide and hyaluronic acid on our skincare shelves but finally, it’s time to give our limbs a little TLC. 

Why should we actually give a heck about our body skin? 

Yes, dry skin can look and feel uncomfortable, but it turns out that you may be reducing your skin’s ability to protect little old you. 

According to dermatologist Lauren Ploch, dry skin is basically a cracked and broken skin barrier.

Body lotion can provide moisture to the top of the skin as well as trapping water and nutrients in it. Having proper skin hydration may help to prevent skin issues such as eczema and keratosis pilaris.

To get the most out of your moisturiser, apply it once per day, post-shower while your skin is still slightly damp. This will help to lock in the juicy moisture even more, giving you smooth and hydrated skin.

How else can we protect our body skin? 

As well as getting a healthy dose of moisturiser onto your body, exfoliating with a scrub or specially-designed glove can help keep your skin smooth and well… not crusty. Also, make sure to wear sunscreen if you’re exposed to the elements. 

There you have it. I now hereby declare this season Smooth Girl Winter.

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