Armpit Detoxing & 3 Other Beauty Cleanses You Should Try To Purge Yourself Of Bad Vibes In 2021

Armpit Detoxing

The idea of a detox can be a little overwhelming – it gives off the vibe that you’ll have to overhaul the foundations of your life. In reality, it’s all about making small choices that ensure you’re living each day the healthiest and happiest you can.

One of the most popular ways to detox is to reconsider the kind of beauty products you’re using. No matter how much we’re indebted to certain products, sometimes letting go of the ones that are jam-packed with nasty chemicals is the best option. Switching or trying out natural skincare, chem-free makeup or hair care (like Sukin’s range of products) is an easy way to ensure you’re doing the most for your body and the environment.

So here’s a little rundown of a few different detoxes you can try out in 2021 if your body and soul is yearning for a bit of a zhuzh up.

Armpit Detoxing

A detox generally refers to resting, cleansing and nourishing the body – out with the toxins and in with the healthy nutrients. An armpit detox specifically refers to using natural products that help clear clogged pores full of dead skin due to product build-up. While some people will mask their pits with treatments such as bentonite clay, charcoal or apple cider vinegar, others simply bin aluminium deodorant for a period of time in favour of a natural kind.

The aim of the game is to reduce sweat long term and free the skin of chemical properties that have penetrated it over time – but, studies have revealed there is a slew of other benefits associated with armpit detoxing.

Armpits are home to lymph nodes, which play a huge role in waste elimination in our bodies. Studies have shown that you can help ‘reverse’ the damage done through years of chemical deodorant use by detoxing the area. There are claims that ingredients like aluminium and parabens found in deodorants can be absorbed in the skin around the armpit area, exposing the lymph nodes to nasties, leading to allergies and other diseases.

It’s important to remember that genetic factors like height, weight, and pre-existing health conditions will obviously impact how your body reacts to an armpit detox, so it’s best to check with your GP before giving it a crack.

Hair Detoxing

Ever thought about how our hair must absolutely resent us? The years of botched DIY dye-jobs, straightener abuse and other failed experiments I know for a fact have definitely done a number on my scalp, and you’re probably in the same position.

A hair detox aims to not only refresh your strands but remove the build-up that hair products leave behind. Not removing this layer of synthetic build-up makes it borderline impossible for your hair to soak up other goodness you try to enrich it with or reap the rewards of its natural oils.

One of the easiest ways to do a hair detox is to switch to natural hair care that is free from congesting silicones, harsh sulphates and parabens. If you’re looking to go that extra step, you can also opt for a brand that has biodegradable formulations, is cruelty-free or vegan friendly. Not only will you be confident that your haircare is oozing with goodness for your locks, but also better for our planet – like Sukin’s Natural Balance shampoo and conditioner that’ll gently nourish your scalp and strands whilst detoxing your hair from synthetics in just 10 washes. It’s also important to include using natural oils after washing, switching brushes to something gentler on the scalp, or doing leave-in hair masks after your shower as part of your routine. 

Skincare Detoxing

Skin is our largest organ, so keeping it healthy and happy should be at the forefront of our self-care routines. However, because toxins can’t ~actually~ leave the body via the skin, a skin detox refers more to what you can do to protect your skin on the outside to stop the bad stuff from penetrating.

Taking a look at your skincare products and putting their ingredients list under the microscope is a good habit to get into before buying a new hyped product, or if you’re finding the stuff you’re using isn’t really working. Adding sunscreen to your routine daily is the easiest way to protect your skin on the outside, and there are a heap of natural options on the market now if you want to take it another step further as well. Lastly, ensuring your diet is rich in vitamins and nutrients is one of the simplest ways to give your skin the love it deserves from the inside out.

Makeup Detoxing

Purge your makeup collection, I’m begging you. There are probably heaps of products in your collection that are out of date, festering with millions of microscopic germs that you put on your face every day. Yuck.

Now that you’ve thrown them out and you’re on your journey to buy a slew of newbie products it’s important you avoid ingredients like Carbon Black (the tar that gives mascara and eyeliner a velvety black colour), Polyethylene, Phenylenediamine. Makeup will also sometimes be made up of parabens – a synthetic chemical that can irritate the skin, often found in beauty products to extend shelflife.