Luke From ‘Australian Survivor’ Has A Very Naughty Armpit Tatty & It’s Ho Ho Hot Shit

While the balance of power finally – FINALLY – shifted from Janine and Pia‘s well-executed but really bloody boring grip last night on Australian Survivor, the main takeaway from the episode didn’t rest at Tribal Council or buried somewhere in the sands of Fiji. Rather, it rested safely in the crook of full Survivor ledge Luke Toki‘s armpit.

[jwplayer 2TT8ymo7]

For most of the season this far, those of you with eagle eyes will have noticed *something* underneath Luke’s right arm; a tattoo of some description that TV angles haven’t been very helpful in decoding up until now.

Last night, however, we finally got a good look. During an immunity challenge that required everyone to hold on to a bar above their heads for as long as possible, we finally got some close-up looks at the tough sticker adoring his inner arm, and ho ho ho is it a doozy.

As it turns out, Luke has the top half of a very street Santa Claus tattooed on his arm.

Meaning the lower half of the image is taken up by his underarm hair.

Which, in this case, is now pulling double-duty as Santa’s beard.

Insanely good. Spectacular areas on that one. My god.

Luckily enough, we weren’t the only ones to lose their ever-loving minds over this staggering piece of bodywork.

Luke himself seems pretty proud of the underarm handiwork, noting on Twitter this morning that the piece isn’t quite done yet, but should be completed in time for Christmas this year.

We assume that means there’s a little more line work and filling in to do, and not that he intends to half-bake the incredibly good gag by putting on a lower half of the face.

Always creepin’. Even under the dang arms.