The mid-year sales are well and truly underway now, and they’re a good time for us all, especially since we’ve been bored and thrifty in iso. TIME TO SPEND ALL THAT SAVED CASH MY FRIEND. First stop – IKEA and their end of financial year sale.

IKEA is cheap as is – it’s your first stop for champers glasses and other shit you absolutely don’t need when you first move out of home. But their EOFY sale makes things DIRT cheap. There’s heaps of stuff on sale for under a fiver, especially if you’re in the market for some kitchenware.

Take these adorable, summery bowls. They’re $5 for a four pack. FOUR OF THEM.

You can also cop $100 off this pocket spring mattress that has a slew of positive reviews on site, btw.


Got too many plant babies and not enough pots? This one is down to $29.99.


A bathmat for $3.50!!


This heaps cute 70s vibes serving platter I now desperately need? FOUR BUCKS.

A corkscrew, stainless steel, bloody two buckeroonies.

The best news? Heaps can be bought online – but like all sale TV ads say, you’ll have to hurry. The prices are only dropped until the 6th July. That’s around a week away – hop to it, mates.

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