IKEA Is Running A Four-Day Clearance Sale If You’re Feeling A Bit Nordli

Not enough flatpacks in your life? Little corner of the house missing a shelving unit? Frothing for a new bed frame? Chasing a standing cupboard or two? IKEA just quietly launched an eye-wateringly big sale that’ll have you loading up the car well before you can Kallax your thoughts.

[jwplayer RnHLKji3]

The Swedish allan key-loving weirdos have today launched a clearance sale that takes in over 400 different products, with prices slashed by a minimum of 40%.

The sale begins this morning and lasts until Sunday, giving you just four days to get your shit together and bolt down to your local store in a blind panic.

The real kicker, however, is that the sale is in-store only, meaning the lazy sods among you will have to physically get up and get down there in order to bag a bargain; there’s no online offerings this time around.

Products involved in the sale also vary from store-to-store, so you’ll have to chance your luck on availability. But hooley dooley are there ever some bargains to be had. Cop this sampling of what’s on offer at Sydney’s Tempe location, for example.

A Hemnes side table for just $69? Nice. Nice.

The clearance sale is being held ahead of the arrival of IKEA’s new range of items, with stores attempting to clear space in their typically crowded pick-and-pack warehouse floors.

If you’re keen, you’ve got until close of business of Sunday to get down there.

Hurry, folks. Time’s a bloody wasting.