Our Swedish Besties IKEA Are Having A Yuge Sale RN So It’s time To Rearrange Your Iso-Zone

Swedish angels IKEA have descended upon us with some sweet and rare good news by having a YUUGE fuck-off sale right now for all of your affordable homeware needs.

They are whacking up to 50% off the prices of hundreds of items from sofas to bowls, flat pack furniture to fancy sloth art.

The Aus-wide sale started today, but chill if you are running low on the allmighty dollar – the sale is here to stay for almost a month (ending between August 3rd and 10th), giving you plenty of time to wait for pay day if needed.

After spending so much time in your damn house the past few months, you know I know it’s time to finally switch up and rearrange your shit.

My top picks from the IKEA sale being this schamncy SOFA that turns into a BED for $199.

I’ll never get over the innovation of a sofa-bed.

This retro and Instagram-worthy AF chair – $65.

Perfect for pondering your next post.

This fridge / freezer – 50% off.

Ideal for keeping ice cream from melting.

This outdoor coffee table – $29.

Fact: Coffee tastes better outdoors.

Or how about this clock that would knock the socks off Dali if he were here to see it – $19.99!

Happy re-arragning folks!