This Supportive Exercise Mat Will Stop Yr Yoga Class Feeling Akin To Kneeling On A Gravel Path

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Folks, I think it’s finally time we talk about how inconveniently-shaped yoga mats are. Like, c’mon, have you ever tried lugging that bitch on a train with you after the biggest sweat session of your life? What about trying to fit them in the one and only storage cupboard in your apartment? Consider it a fkn write-off.

I only open this can of worms because I think I’ve found the solution to our collective yoga mat woes. Introducing FoldUP, an Australian-based, female-founded health and wellness brand that has taken your traditional roll-up yoga mat and — through innovation and expertise — turned it into a mat for all you modern day pilates hoes (read: me).

From folding up into an easily transportable square to stop you hustling and bustling your way through a busy train with your mat in hand (and almost poking out a random Karen’s eye) to easily sliding under the seat of your car so you never forget it — it’s a game-changer. It’s also 100x easier to tuck away at home — especially if your apartment’s European laundry is about as much storage as you have in your place.

FoldUP Movement Mat, $129

For my injured baddies (or baddies who just want an added layer of support in their thick yoga mats), this FoldUP mat has been carefully designed to offer extra thickness and cushion for users who find traditional mats too thin and flimsy to protect their knee and wrist joints.

“I observed as the many movers of Melbourne would carry their bulky mats with them on their daily commutes and decided to create something practical and stylish that can be easily transported from home to the studio, work and beyond. I’m a fan of all kinds of movement, and this mouldable, thick yoga mat has been tried and tested to support them all,” Founder of FoldUP, Elle Kiffer, said.

“[This includes] those who have injuries and need extra support for their knees, wrists and spine, for those who want to carry their mat around (in their Movement Bag, of course) and those who want to take their mat on holiday with them. It conveniently folds into a square and only weighs 1.2kg which is less than half the weight of a traditional yoga mat.”

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Movement Bag, $189

It’s also been developed with 100% top-grade TPE material, which is more eco-friendly than your traditional rubber and PVC yoga mats. So, you can sleep at night knowing you might not be the next Greta Thunberg, but you’re on your way.

Now enough chit-chat. If you’re fanging to get your hands on one of these epic mats, or even buying it for your yoga/pilates-obsessed pal, head here. We even managed to snag you, loyal readers, all a 10% discount with the code ‘PEDESTRIAN10‘.

If you’re a serial mat commuter, you can also grab The Movement Bag (that fits your thick yoga mat + your laptop, workout wear, drink bottle and more) in a bundle with your mat purchase for $279 with the code (usually $318).

I promise ya it’s worth it.