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Folks, as the weather starts to heat up, it’s time to swap our go-to pair of activewear leggings for some bike shorts and give the world some real Princess Diana vibes (IYKYK).

Bike shorts have undoubtedly become a staple in our wardrobes over the last 18-months. Not only are they comfy as hell to sit on the couch and scroll in, but they also suit any and every style of workout. Whether you’re HIITing the gym for a strength session (see what I did there?!) or jumping on the mat for some yoga or pilates, bike shorts are the summer-proof solution to all your sweaty problems.

Going beyond the workout factor, though, they’ve got infinite styling potential. You can style them à la Hailey Bieber and pair them with oversized jumpers, graphic tees, button-downs and gold jewellery when you’re off duty to form an effortless day-to-day outfit.

As we get ready for a summer actually spent outdoors, we’re also on the hunt for the perfect pair of bike shorts that’ll take us from our next brunch date (looking at you, Nimble) or a breathable pair that’ll get you through your next 10km. So we asked our mates, in their humble opinion, which ones were worth investing in.

Nimble Laser Hem Bike Short

Nimble Laser Hem Bike Short, $79

“I’m bloody obsessed with this pair of bike shorts from Nimble Active. They’re the perfect length, have a raw cut hem around the legs for a more flattering fit, and they have a nice thick waistband that pulls me in in all the right places. They’re made from a buttery soft fabric and have a large pocket hidden in the waistline at the back, which fits my iPhone 11 Pro, with keys and masks in it! I’m also super impressed with the price point, only $79!” — Bree

Nike Epic Luxe Trail Running Shorts

Nike Epic Luxe Trail Running Shorts, $75

“I love these from Nike! Firstly they say ‘Nike Trail’ on them, which makes me feel very outdoorsy (which I am not). Secondly, I have quite long legs, and these are a good length – not too booty-short but also not so long that they cut my legs off at a weird spot. They also have a phone pocket (handy!) and non-slip around the legs so they won’t ride up! I also saw a girl hook her top around the belt thing when I was on a walk the other day and thought that was pretty nifty too. If you’re hot and want to take off a layer and just have a crop top, then there’s somewhere to store your discarded tee!” — Josie

Cotton On Highwaisted Mid Length Bike Short

Cotton On Highwaisted Mid Length Bike Short, $24.99

“As a thrifty binch who loves a high waist moment, I adore the Cotton On mid-length bike shorts. The only downside is they only have a little waistband pocket for keys and a mask, so it’s either carry your phone or leave it at home – which I tend to do now I’ve got my watch anyway. I originally bought these to wear under smock dresses to avoid chub rub in summer, but now I love to pair them with a big T-shirt for lazing around on hot days, too hehe.” — Courtney 

2XU Compression Shorts

bike shorts

2XU Compression Shorts, $79.95

“I found these 2XU shorts when I started running again, and I absolutely love them for high-intensity workouts. The compression element pulls everything in and helps to support me while I move. They are also very flattering on!” — Dana

JRSY Short Shorts Navy

JRSY Short Shorts Navy, $69

“I love the Nimble shorts too! (Mentioned above). My friend Brooke (you might recognise from Survivor lol) started this label JRSY, and I bought the set to support, but honestly, their shorts are sooo comfy and flattering — I rotate between this and my Nimble pair. They don’t fall down on runs which I’m pretty fussy about so huge props there. JRSY is also v size-inclusive — they suit every shape, AND their stuff’s all made from sustainable fabrics.” — Mina

Nagnata Check-Back Biker Shorts

bike shorts

Nagnata Check-Back Biker Shorts, $200

“They are made of mostly merino wool which makes them super soft and very comfortable. You would think because they are made from merino, they would be warm when exercising, but the material is actually super breathable. The only thing I would say as a note of warning is that these shorts won’t pull/suck you in the same way other latex materials will. Which is probably why they are so comfy!” — Dana

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Image: Getty Images / Nagnata