How To Sneak Exercise Into Yr Day So You Can Stop Lying To Yourself About An Early Sesh Tomoz

Finding time to exercise during a hectic day is hard. Even with solid plans in place and the best intentions, boy, time just flies and then it’s already dark, raining, or you’re too exhausted to peel yourself up off the couch.

I’m an old hat at bargaining with myself in the arvo. I decide that instead of working out today, I‘ll absolutely nail it at 5am tomorrow instead. And whaddyaknow? That next morning the snooze button is immediately hit and the whole routine begins again. Good fun. 

We all know how important exercise is for our minds and bodies, though. And, the amount of sneaky ways I’ve discovered to close all the rings on my apple watch without getting off the couch is downright shameful. So, if you’re also missing a few workouts (read: most workouts), we’ve gathered up some handy ways to help sneak exercise into our chaotic lives.

Get creative with your commute 

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If you need to find a way to shoehorn exercise into your day, get it over with during your commute. If you drive, think about switching to a bicycle to scoot around town. It’s good for the bod and the environment so wins all-round. If you’re a public transport person, hop off the bus or train a few stops earlier than you usually would. It’ll turn your short strolls between stops into legit ~health~ walks. Plus, one can only ignore the practicality of rocking runners with your corporate get-up for so long… 

Swap brunch for a tennis match 

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Don’t let being popular as fuck get in the way of your fitness. If your calendar is packed with a bunch of social commitments, just make a quick swap. You can gab away with your friend anywhere, so why not grab your racquets and rally while you catch up instead? Tennis is a fab option because you don’t have to be a member to play – or be any good for that matter. And it won’t feel like exercise if you’re clowning around on the court pretending you’re Federer and Nadal.

There are way more courts around than you’d think, too. Have a squiz at to find one around the corner from you and your mate and then get to serving up some good ol’ endorphins.

Walk and talk 

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Sneaking exercise in with the other stuff on your to-do list is a life-saver. Need to call your mum who’s 100% going to talk at you for an hour? Have a long meeting that only requires you listen in? Walk while you do ’em. Get those steps up as you listen and chuck in the odd “mhmm” for safety. Two birds, one stone, baby. 

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You’ve gotta be realistic. If you’re always trying to sweat it out for a solid hour or more, but never finding time, have a few shorter options up your sleeve for your busiest days. You can hire a tennis court for a quick half-hour hit, jog around the neighbourhood for 20 minutes, or do an at-home virtual class for 15 minutes.

For Aussie adults, the Department Of Health recommends 150 to 300 minutes of moderate intensity activity (like a brisk walk or mowing) and 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous intensity activity (like jogging or cycling) per week. So, as long as your shorter sessions are building your week up to fit within those reccos from the Gov, you’re golden. And honestly, something is better than nothing, right?

Hitch yourself to a morning person

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Look, if you are going to brave the morning (bloody good on you) try to lock it in with that one person who can keep you accountable. I will never willingly workout in the morning but, if my trainer books the odd sickeningly early session in, you better believe I’m there – bleary-eyed but existing – because I refuse to stand my boy Simon up (or waste the money). I’ve ghosted many a group class because no one blinks an eye if I’m not around. But if I don’t rock up to a one-on-one? Simon’s on his own and could have slept in, the poor dude. Also, I can’t be the only one who desperately craves validation from their PT and can’t handle other people’s disappointment, right? (Right?!) Whether you tee up a session with a trainer or a friend, just make it one person, so you can’t shimmy out of it and leave them hanging. I guess guilt works, hey?

Try to take stock of your week and where you may be able to sneak exercise in with one of these tactics.

You’ll feel better for it, friends!