Stop Sitting Like A Fkn Cooked Prawn Bc This Viral WFH Chair Is Down To Its Lowest Price Ever

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If you needed a scarring, and quite frankly fitting, end to your Monday, I was today years old when I found out that full-time employees spend an average of 2,080 hours at their desks each year. Yeah, tragic, I know.

So, I don’t know what to tell ya, but one thing I do know is that sitting like a prawn in your old janky office chair — the one that you took from your neighbour’s hard rubbish collection circa 2002 — is probably not going to help make matters any better. Neither is craning your neck at a 90-degree angle in bed, bestie.

That’s why I think it’s time we take the leap together and invest in a proper ergonomic chair. Not only can this baby do wonders for your spine and alleviate back pain (hallelujah!!), but it can reduce the pressure of sitting on your hips, improve your posture and increase blood circulation in the body. Yeehaw.

Some studies even suggest that ergonomic furniture can enhance your productivity, too. So, how’s that for a positive ROI?

Now that you’re (read: I’m) sold, the question then becomes, “well, which one should I buy?”.

Bestie, I’ve been waiting for you to ask bc let me introduce you to our friends over at ErgoTune — the brand behind the viral Supreme #WFH office chair.

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Ergotune Supreme, $599 (usually $749)

Unlike other high-end legacy brands that start at $1,700 per chair, this ErgoTune baby retails for a neat $749. And it’s just dropped to its LOWEST PRICE EVER at $599 as an early Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale event.

Designed to ensure natural comfort and ensure it fits your body like a fkn glove, you’ll find this chair offers adjustable seat depth, height and backrest position to fit to your own body length and shape. The TriTune headrest can also be converted into a groove that cradles your neck bc some days at the office are tough.

To give you further ammo to go and at least check the website out, the Gyrobrace 5D armrests can turn up to 270° and supports all activities, including writing, typing, gaming on your iPhone and sketching on your iPad, so you’re sorted no matter what your job or after-hours activities entail.

To add to its long list of praises, it’s made of an epic Duraweave Mesh blend of breathable fabric and polyester, meaning you won’t sweat balls in summer.

It’s also worth noting that each of these babies will score you a 12 years warranty and free shipping while you’re at it. And more importantly, if you don’t love it, you’re entitled to a 21-day free return policy. Thank us later, yeah?

Want to learn more? You can get your hands on these Ergotune Supreme ergonomic desk chairs here now.