PSA: Wanna Buy Some Big Shit And Claim It On This Year’s Tax Return? Today’s Your Last Day

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Friendly PSA: today (June 30) is the last day of the financial year, meaning it’s the last day you can buy stuff to claim on tax by the end of the week. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait a full year until July 1, 2022 to claim it. You get me? And considering a heap of us are back working from home again, now might just be the time to make things a whole lot easier for yourself.

Last lockdown, I straight up stole my office chair. This time, I didn’t bother – and besides, I wanted both something a bit cuter than corporate black, and something better than my dining room chair for my WFH days.

So, I bought Koala’s new light grey office chair. It arrived yesterday, I’m sitting in it right now, and my back has never felt so supported. 10/10 recommend.

Koala Upright Office Chair ($225)

It’s also a vibe with my Iso King desk, which I bought during lockdown 1.0. Iso King was an initiative from Stage Kings, a stage company that saw all its business disappear when the pandemic first hit. (No live gigs, no stages, right?)

I wanted to support a COVID-hit Aussie business, but this desk also rules: it’s easy to set up, looks v. cute, and is easy again to pack down if you decide you no longer want a desk in your place when WFH is over.

IsoKing Work From Home Desk ($329)

Do you use a laptop for work? Then I cannot stress enough how much you need to spend $40-ish on yourself and get a laptop stand. I only bought mine a few weeks ago and I’m not kidding when I say it is *life changing*.

Soundance Aluminium Laptop Stand ($39.99)

And, obviously, one you have a laptop stand, you’ll need a keyboard and mouse. Again, life-changing! And it’s tax deductible! Personally I’m an Apple tragic girl through and through, so I’ll stick with the Apple keyboards (my fingers know all the shortcuts), but you do you.

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad ($179)

Tax time is rolling round on July 1, so it’s time to get prepped. There’s a full list of everything you can claim here, but a good rule to follow is: if work hasn’t paid for it and it helps you do your job, then it could be deductible, baby. The filthy rich spend half their lives working out how to pay less tax, so I don’t see why the rest of us can’t claim back $300 on a proper chair and NOT fuck up our back.

Obviously this will all depend on what your personal situation is, but , but if you’re confused, here’s a very good guide on getting the most out of your tax return. And if you’ve influenced and/or hustled your way into a second income, then here’s how to navigate that potential tax minefield.