6 Things To Do By June 30 If You’re Looking To Give Your Life A Mid-Year Turn Around

There’s no catchy jingle for EOFY (as far as I know), but there really should be. The end of the financial year is not just a time of taxation, it’s also a time of CELEBRATION. And, dare I say it, REFLECTION. Are there areas of your life that could do with an overhaul? Can you streamline? Be more efficient? Go Super Saiyan?

Doing your tax is a necessity, obviously. I really don’t recommend skipping on doing that because those guys at the ATO are across literally everything and they WILL chase you up for that tax return you didn’t lodge in 2016.

But besides doing your tax, and hopefully, getting some cash dollars back, here are a bunch of other things you might want to consider doing to turn your life around.

Buy that fancy computer

…or camera, or headphones, or any other work-related item. Now is the time to upgrade your tech. Why? Because you’ll get a percentage of that purchase price back at tax time, providing you can prove that you do actually use it for work. Winner winner, a new computer screen for dinner.

There are also tons of sales on at this time of year so you’ll not only cut a tax break but you’ll nab that gadget cheap as chips, too. 

Get a new phone

Out with the old (handset) in with a brand spanker! There’s nothing worse than putting up with a brick of a device that’s got more cracks than a plumber bending over and sometimes, for no reason at all, goes straight from 100 to 0% battery.

It’s time for a new phone, friends! Vodafone has some sexy as hell EOFY deals coming out that span all the fancy new gadgets, like the Samsung Galaxy Series. If you’re looking to get up to $500 off a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4G, I’d give Vodafone a call. 

Top up your super

Got some extra cash floating around your bank account? Firstly, check you out, money bags! Secondly, why not think about chucking some of that cash into your super account?

International travel is off the cards, so the extra dollars that you’d normally blow on Bintang singlets in Bali can now be responsibly invested in your future. Tell your mum that! 

Devise a budget

Not saving enough cash dollars? Wanna save for a – gasp – home loan? My, my, my you’re a grown-up now. If you’ve got some money goals, or just your run of the mill addiction to takeaway and streaming services, then now is the time to reflect on your life choices and create a budget for yourself.

Your bank account will thank you. 

Upgrade your mattress

This one isn’t necessarily related to EOFY (besides the fact that there are plenty of bedding and mattress sales on), it’s more a reminder that BEDDING DOES NOT LAST FOREVER. Don’t be a grub, splash some cash on a new mattress.

You, and your situationship, will be happier for it. As will your back, as you approach 30. 

Switch accounts to better alternatives

Whether it’s banking, electricity and gas, or your super fund, now is an excellent time to reassess who you’re with and see if there is a more ethical / greener / more responsible alternative.

I recommend investigating their relationship with fossil fuels and their stance on climate change as a starting point. It’s an easy way to make a difference.

If this has got you wanting to upgrade your life, give Vodafone a buzz and kick it off with a new phone.