Allergy Szn Is Here, So Grab This Gadget If You’re Channelling The Wrong Type Of Drip RN

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Allergy season is here and spring has sprung us with itchy noses and watery eyes. It’s that time of the year when we experience four seasons in one day. One night, you’re bundled like a warm burrito in your blankets and the next you’re lying in a puddle of sweat. What can you do to combat sudden temperature shifts? Why not try an all-in-one solution, like the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool, which is a fan, heater and air purifier.

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Heater is the definition of a triple threat and it just so happens to be on sale through Dyson’s official eBay store for $499 (down from $799). This deal is available in either White/Nickel or Black/Nickel.

So, how is this Dyson Purifier Heater going to fix your allergies and keep you comfortable while you sleep? Keep reading.

What’s so good about this Dyson purifier?

Dyson air purifier heater

Allergy-sufferers will benefit from the Dyson air purifier’s highly-efficient, 360-degree glass HEPA filter that can rid your home of all the nasties – dust, mould, pollen and bacteria.

When put it into Auto Mode, the gadget will monitor your room’s air quality and turn itself on automatically if it detects any of those previously mentioned ickies. You can even take a lookie look at its air purification levels by checking the Dyson Link companion app.

But with La Niña on her way for a return trip, you’re probably more interested in finding out how exactly this Dyson heater with a gaping hole in the middle can keep your room nice and toasty.

You’ll have to thank its jet focus control, which can easily heat an entire room despite its smol size. It can even sense once your room has reached optimal toastiness and switch itself off to conserve power. Things we love to see (especially in this financial climate).

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But the great thing is that once summer rolls around in a few months, you won’t have to yeet your heater into the abyss (read: your garage). Instead, you can alter its temperature settings so you bask in a powerful stream of purified air to keep cool.

As a good-to-know tidbit, this Dyson heater-cooler is safe to leave on around human bebés or fur bebés thanks to its unique bladeless design. It’s also pretty short, so it’ll fit easily on your bedside table or study desk.

Plus, if you hate dusting (allergies or not), you probably hate trying to clean traditional fans with their multiple blades and caged design. Well, thanks to the Dyson Pure Cool’s ring-like frame, all you have to do is wipe it with a lightly damp cloth and voila.

You can nab this 3-in-1 Dyson air purifier, heater and fan for $499 (down from $799) here in Silver/Nickel or Black/Nickel.

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