Tim Robards is the kinda guy my mum would describe as one hunk o’ spunk.
He was Australia‘s first ever Bachelor, he’s the founder of successful fitness program The Robards Method and now the 34-year-old has revealed another notch on his tight-fitting belt: he was once Keanu Reevesfriggen body double in The Matrix.

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While on a flight from Europe back to Oz, Robards posted an Instastory browsing the movies in the in-flight ‘Favourites’ section.
Naturally, the sci-fi flick was on the menu, and he annotated the pic with a revelation that left us seriously shooketh: he was Keanu’s stand in and body double in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. This is red pill shit folks, this is real life:
With both movies being released in 2003, Robards would have been about 20-years-old when he stood in for Neo. The image of a young Robards donning the iconic speed shades is almost too much to handle.
The particular scenes Robards dodged bullets in are unknown, but we’re hoping it was this very 2000esque one:
The big rig will be showing off his assassin-like skills once again when he makes his debut on the next ep of the wildly-successful Australian Ninja Warrior.
Until then… enjoy your steak, regardless of whether it actually exists or not.
Photo: The Matrix / @timrobards / Instagram.