Things You Can Get Done While Having A Scrub-A-Dub-Dub In The Shower

Contributor: Pedestrian

Shower time is such an important thing in life – nothing else will cleanse your wrongdoings like a nice, refreshing splash. You know what else? A shower can also enable a plethora of productive thoughts. It’s scientifically proven. From business ideas to fire comebacks to shutdown a workplace bully, here’s what you should be thinking about while washing your bits.

Have a moment of brilliance

Good things come to those who shower. There’s something about the solitude and dripping water that simply evokes creative thought. As John Kounios, a psychologist who studies creativity and distraction at Drexel University in Philadelphia said, “You become less aware of your environment and more aware of your internal thoughts.

Harness that. Become a millionaire. Show all the lemons you went to school with who’s boss. Success is the best revenge, which I am totally comfortable saying when it’s a direct motivator. To really add to that dripping water sound that invites brilliance, put a bucket in the shower for emphasised noise. You can use it at the end of your shower to water your plants. Amazing.

Belt out a choon or listen to one

There’s a reason people sing in the shower, and it’s because the water muffles your voice. So if you have a horrible voice but a strong desire to sing in this life, do it in the bathroom. If that ain’t your jam – you can always listen to a song instead.

It truly does get you in the mood for the day ahead, or wind you down from the day that’s been, and it’s a good way to know how long you’ve been dripping for. No one likes a water-waster – it should take four minutes maximum and if it takes any longer your roomies may wonder what in god’s name you’re doing in there. Water Corporation have actually called upon local WA artists to make a song that’ll get you from start to finish – it’s quite a long and efficient amount of time when you think about it:

Locate something you’ve lost

Whether it’s your Hanson shirt from 1997, your dignity from 2008 or your phone from an hour ago, the shower is a great place to reflect on where things went wrong. Lost your keys? Retrace your steps from the day before. You’ll be surprised what you can remember if you really, really take a short moment to think about it without any real distractions.


Work up a fire comeback

Having a conversation in your head is the best – psychologically problematic, sure, but fun nonetheless. You want to work up a return to what that bane of your existence might deliver your way in the near future. Best to be armed with a comeback when they rear their ugly insides – it’s a surefire way to put them in their place. You’ll probably think of one by the time you’re shampooed, if not – there’s always tomorrow. No one likes a person who spends too much time in the shower.

Of course, all these thoughts should be done whilst doing something else that you actually need to do in the bathroom. Whether it’s washing your hair or your armpits, everyone’s able to do more than one thing at a time – remember to get in and get out like the environmentally friendly human that you are.