A Gold Coast Renter Noticed A Nasty Smell Lingering In Her Home & The Source Will Make You Gag

A Gold Coast Renter Noticed A Nasty Smell Lingering In Her Home & The Source Will Make You Gag

A woman who moved into a home in the Gold Coast noticed a “stinky” smell lingering around her bathroom which she couldn’t find the source of. Until she took apart her shower panel. Warning, this is fkn gross.

Julia Lang-Malone moved into the property with her family last year and has been baffled by a foul smell emitting from her en-suite bathroom.

Despite constantly scrubbing and cleaning, she just couldn’t locate the cause — until she realised bits of yucky brown stuff was leaking from a panel in her shower.

In a video posted to TikTok, Julia showed that when she poured water into a corner of her shower, the brown water seeped out of what appeared to be a crack between the wall and floor, full of debris and dirt which she said smelled nasty AF.

“I can’t get [rid of] this unlimited grime that keeps coming out of here,” she said as she kept pouring water in the same spot.


You can not IMAGINE the smell! Watch this space for how we try to fix it 😓 #ew #gross #smoker #cleantok #spew #noway

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After more experimenting, she realised that the panel of her shower appeared to be the source of whatever grossness was plaguing her — when she poured water into there, entire globs of what looked like tobacco washed into the shower.

And then here’s where it gets really gross.

Julia suspected that the previous tenant had stashed used cigarette buds in the shower panel. When she took apart the shower to confirm her suspicions… well, just see for yourself.


Replying to @ThisIzMe-Peta1979 Weve done unrepearable damage but we got in 😅

♬ original sound – Jules

Yep, that is a huge stack of squished up used cigarette buds, which were stinking up the whole house and causing the water in Julia’s shower to become brown and grimey. And they’ve been there since at least last year.

“It’s really, really stinky,” Julia told Yahoo! News.

“We’ve basically wrecked the whole shower — which is a bummer — to get access to the cigarettes, but we didn’t have much choice because it was so disgusting and we were desperate.”

“What’s most annoying is there’s a balcony two steps from the ensuite, but they’ve got thousands of cigarettes in the bathroom.”

I’m sorry but there are few smells worse than that of stale cigarettes, and if you pair that with damp bathroom grime, well now I’m gagging.