This Rat Showering Like A Goddamn Human Is Fucking Up The Internet

A rat showering his ass like a goddamn human is taking the internet by storm. It’s a rat! That showers! Everybody loves him.

*five seconds later*

We regret to inform you that the rat probably wasn’t enjoying it.

It’s hardly a Milkshake Duck-worthy incident, but yes – a rat that appears to be showering like a human has been well and truly fucking up the internet.

Without further ado:

He’s just… STANDING THERE. Soaping his ass and underarms. Ratatouille grilled a mean filet mignon, but did he rub-a-dub-dub in a random tub? No, he did not.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that this probably isn’t some dark magic, and the rat probably isn’t enjoying his time in the shower.

According to some rat expert Gizmodo spoke to (Tuomas Aivelo at the University of Helsinki), “A rat wouldn’t do that unless there’s something it really wants to get rid of. I think it’s soapy all over. That’s probably a problem for the rat. It just wants to get rid of the soap.”

You gotta ask, though: isn’t that the second half of all showers? To just get rid of the soap?

Anyway. Shower rat is all over the internet. It’ll probably appear on Ellen within the week. If this was October, there would be Shower Rat Halloween costumes. Already, Twitter accounts after some kind of viral validity are calling themselves @ShowerRat and @RatJustWantingAShower. This is who we are now.