We Did One Of ‘MAFS’ Star Seb’s Free Online Workouts & Yes They Are As Batshit As You’d Expect

seb guilhaus

As someone who watched A LOT of MAFS this year, I can say with full certainty that Seb Guilhaus, personal trainer and now love of Lizzie Sobinoff‘s life, was quite literally one of the most chaotic human beings we’ve ever seen on the TV series.

If you watched this season too, you might remember THIS:

That was when Seb gave Lizzie a workout session, which quickly turned into him imitating monkeys and monsters.

The truly batshit workout made waves on social media, so it’s no surprise that Seb is now pushing his personal training business post-MAFS. But what is a guy to do when lockdown sends everyone indoors?

Start online training sesh’s, of course.

So unbeknownst to me, Seb has been doing these Instagram Live workouts for a few weeks. They’re around thirty minutes long, and are filmed by his housemate. He doesn’t even use real weights – he’s keeping it realistic with home shit like milk cartons and water containers.

It’s ok if you missed them too, though – Seb’s uploaded them to YouTube. I figured I needed to give one a go, so I tried the most recent:

“Wednesday Sizzle” was basically a 30 minute circuit consisting of 1.5 minute rounds, broken up with 30 second “liberating dance breaks”. Yes, really.

The first minute or so of the workout features Seb doing a botched version of salsa. “Hola!” he says enthusiastically to the Instagram Live viewers, while thrusting his hips all over the shop. It is… quite alarming at 7am in the morning.

At first my sister and I (yes, I bullied her into it) were a bit slow to get into the dance sequence. But Seb’s enthusiasm, while a LOT, is bloody endearing and you can’t help but get involved once you shake off the morning tightness.

There we were, body rolling all over the lounge room, when Seb started the first round right when I was really getting into the 90s rave tunes. It was a set of reverse lunges. 1.5 minutes of reverse lunges is NOT easy.

Here is where things got weird – the music changed from 90s rave to… The Scientist by Coldplay?

The Scientist, while a good tune, is NOT a bop when it comes to working out. I assumed Seb had accidentally forgotten to make a workout playlist and the song just came on shuffle. But then – once the reverse lunges were over and we were back to a dance break – he seriously was like “this song is so good”.

What??? He had on purpose chosen The Scientist? For a dance break?

I shit you not, the guy was shuffling around his living area to THE SCIENTIST. Going “oooh yes yes yes”. Truly, it’s worth watching just for that (around the 5.00 mark).

So getting through the most depressing song in HISTORY while trying to maintain a good dance bop was a task and a half. On we went to a bunch of floor work, and thankfully the next track was ‘Hot In Herre’. NOW we were talking.

The dance breaks got increasingly more batshit for me at home, as I let go of inhibitions because Seb literally has NONE. Like I said, the energy is chaotic, but it’s also infectious – I found myself Livin’ La Vida Loca in my lounge room and working up a sweat in the process. It does kinda beat on-the-spot sprints, you know?

Through the 30 minute workout Seb gets increasingly more hyper, which won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t think it’s entirely mine – while I did feel his energy pepped me up, I’m not a huge fan of online workouts where the trainer talks the whole way through. Just tell me the move and then maybe through in one or two “GOOD JOB” encouragements, you know? But some people need the motivation – if that’s you, Seb is your guy. Also – what were you expecting? You say the guy on MAFS. Absolute maniac.

At the very end he does this kinda cute little positivity thing, where he gets you to think of something that’s stressed you that week and you have to “home run” it out of the ballpark. Or something – basically you mimic batting your stress-thing out of the universe. Whatever, ok! It was kind of a nice moment!

If you want to check out more of the Seb Guilhaus workout fandangos, they’re on his YouTube channel here.