Insta Juggernaut Ashy Bines Reckons ‘Fit Shaming’ Is The New Fat Shaming

When the name Ashy Bines is dropped in conversation, there’s usually one of two reactions.
The first is admiration. She’s the brains behind one of this country’s most fruitful fitness empires. For the past four or so years, Bines’ ‘Bikini Body Challenge’ programs have dominated the online diet and fitness markets. She runs Booty Tours around Australia too, attracting around 2,000 punters per event. 
The second reaction? Not so peachy. She’s been criticised for her divisive opinions on “plus-sized” models. Last year she copped it for ripping ‘clean eating’ recipes online and making a profit. Australia’s peak nutrition body, The Dietitians Association of Australia, has previously slammed her nutrition programs, calling them some of the worst on the market.
Not one to take it lying down, Bines popped a squat on Channel 7‘s ‘Sunday Night‘ program last night to shed light on the vitriolic abuse she copped while pregnant with her first child last year.
Speaking to journalist Melissa Doyle, Bines detailed some of the disgraceful comments she’s ever received online.

“I had one comment which really hurt which said I didn’t deserve to be a mother because I was killing him because my baby was small, my belly was small,” she said. “The other one said they hope that he has Down Syndrome, another one says they hope I have a still-birth because I don’t deserve to have him.”

(It should be noted that these comments are almost always made online, behind the veil of private, egg-avatar accounts – Bines’ is vocal about offering to meet with her trolls, but her offers have never once been taken up.)
The Gold Coast native reckons her haters’ motivation is rooted in an ugly but common human emotion: jealousy. 

“Maybe some mums are feeling guilty for not being active or not eating healthy,” said Bines. “People always have to find someone to blame instead of taking responsibility.”
Hot take.
Her healthy lil’ bub Taj was born on October 4th, 2015, and the before-and-after of Bines’ pregnancy was well-documented on her Instagram.
“I am a better mum when I am active, a better mum when I start my day with a walk because I am out in the fresh air,” she said. “I have got those endorphins and I feel good and he feels that.”
At the end of the day, we shouldn’t be trying to dictate to preggas women what they can and can’t do with their bodies, should we? As long as the bebe they’re pushing out is happy and healthy, that’s all that should matter. 
So, whether your happy place is sucking back a quinoa-infused green smoothie while doing a one-legged squat or sitting on the couch annihilating a bag of king-sized M&M’s while watching Austin Powers – you do you.
Source: Sunday Night.
Photo: Sunday Night.