Parking in disabled car spots when you’re not disabled is a fucking dog act.

There is literally no excuse for it. I can’t even think of a single scenario where it’d fly.

Despite how clearly inconsiderate parking in these car spots is, some people still have the gall to do it.

One of those people is Ashy Bines.

The fitness influencer with close to a million followers on Instagram has been positively shredded online after she uploaded a vlog to YouTube which shows her parking her Rangey in a disabled car space outside her gym at Pacific Square on the Gold Coast Highway.

The 28-minute video, titled ‘Ashy Bines Vlog Father’s Day, Shez Comes To Play, Thai Orgy, included footage presumably taken on a GoPro that showed Bines taking the park.

Viewers immediately called her out on it, and as a result, Bines deleted the video and re-uploaded an 18-minute version sans parking footage.

“Everyone was told the video was taken down due to “sound issues” when clearly it was edited to remove certain parts,” commented Shan Leigh on YouTube.

“Be honest, admit to what you did. If you were to sincerely apologise and not go on about how people are attacking you over it, then the issue would be done and dusted.”

In response to the backlash, Bines also took to Snapchat to defend her actions.

“When no one’s used that car park for three years and we have no members with any disabilities, then I do use that car park sometimes,” she said on her Snapchat story.

“They are there 24/7 … yeah, sometimes I do use it. I know that it does look bad in some way but I hope you guys can hear my side of the story.

“Sometimes I do use it and I do apologise if I have offended anyone, but I wanted my loyal followers to see my side. There’s always that 5 per cent to comment, judge criticise and jump down my throat at everything.”

Being in the public eye is hard, yes. But taking 2 minutes out of your day to drive to a regular car park isn’t.

You see, Bines’ gym, the Ashy Bines Transformation Centre, is located in a shopping plaza with the car parks servicing multiple other shops, such as a chemist and a nearby physiotherapy practice. Y’know, two places people with disabilities might reasonably need to visit.

The Courier Mail contacted Bines and her PR team backed up her half-arsed “apology” with this:

“Ashy is the first to acknowledge when she has made a mistake. She is truly remorseful for her actions and devastated that she has offended and let down others,” the spokesman said.

“Taking full responsibility, Ashy assures it will not happen again.”

The snafu comes only a few days after Bines’ husband, Steven Evans, landed in hot water for posting an insensitive and tone-deaf picture of a literal dead dog. He took a photo of deceased pup that washed up at their beachfront home and suggested he would “let someone else deal with it or hope the sharks get it”, complete with shark emoji.


C’mon guys, common decency isn’t that difficult. And it’s more attractive than abs.

Source: Courier Mail
Image: Ashy Bines / Instagram