Nakkiah Lui Says Kurt Coleman’s Self-Love Came Off “Selfish” On ‘Hack Live’

Last night’s mammoth discussion on Hack about of all things related to self-image – including eating disorders, fitspo, steroids, selfies and surgery – apparently couldn’t fit into the televised special’s measly time slot. It makes sense too, when you consider the nigh-universal nature of humanity’s uneasy relationship with our mobile flesh-prisons. 

Thus, in an effort to continue the seriously important dialogue, tonight’s regular ol’ radio edition of the program re-featured Nakkiah Lui and Dr. Ross Walker. Both were present on the panel yesterday, but tonight’s showing gave them a chance to dig deeper on some of the issues presented. 

In particular, Lui took issue with the consistently massive amount of self-love demonstrated by the one, the only, Kurt Coleman. She said that while it’s obviously a good thing to appreciate yo’self, it all felt “a bit shallow.”

“It went a bit unexamined, and it was all through the paradigm of Kurt’s self. So I do wonder how useful that is when we have to exist in a society with each other… for me, maybe it was a little bit selfish, at times.”

Dr. Walker somewhat agreed, echoing the Bette Midler quote “enough about me, what do you think about me?”, before Lui answered a pro-Kurt caller’s comments on the issue. 
“But he’s also had work. And he gets paid to sell that message so it’s a message that he’s commodifying… see, for me, that’s an issue.”
Lui also brought her attention to fitspo blogger and co-panelist Ashy Bines, who was questioned over an Instagram post comparing the health of plus-size mode Tess Holliday to a person with severe anorexia. 
“One size does not fit all, and this is I think what upset a lot of people about Ashy’s post… I think there’s a hypocrisy to Ashy Bines judging Tess Holliday’s post when she does promote an image of ‘one size fits all’. That she is the image of ‘fitspiration.’

“She was being a hypocrite, I’m going to say it. I think that’s the crux of the issue.” 
The continued discussion also touched upon Lui’s weight-loss surgery and the health implications of being Indigenous. Just like last night’s program, it’s all incredibly interesting and important information, and it’s certainly the kind of dialogue we could use more of. If you’re down for another half-hour of it – and you know you are – give the ep a listen right here. 

Source: Hack. 
Photo: iView.